Sunday, August 27, 2017


Remember that time I had a one year old?

Seems like just yesterday I was in the hospital with my brand new baby boy. I was excited to be in labor (and done with pregnancy). I would do it over again a million times if it meant I would get to experience those first few days with Atlas over and over and over again.

Now, Atlas is walking. He has five teeth. He is eating so much more than I thought would be possible at this point, and so am I. We are still nursing, and I am okay with nursing a toddler, but the night feeding has got to go. He is being stubborn about it, just like he is with literally everything in life. He is headstrong and rebellious, but happy and weird and sensitive and loving and easily overwhelmed, especially by change... he is basically me, so it is impossible to stay mad at him for too long. I brought this on myself.

We have had a busy week full of family visiting and birthday celebrations (more on that another time), but we are finally winding back down and settling in to our routine again. Atlas woke up sick yesterday, Nym's bum leg is still recovering, and Eric and I are attempting to catch up on sleep (as if that will ever happen). But it will all be okay. I know that now. If we made it through the first year, we can make it through anything.

Life is good.

Trying to catch that second front tooth coming through!

Endless entertainment, courtesy of the vacuum. 
Being "creative" with his toys again...

Big boy with his snacks and his cup.

A much needed night out for all of us!

Aaaaaand a much needed coffee in my room. Alone.

Vroom vroom.

Went to Publix alone for once. Got "distracted" and took a little longer than planned..... 
Two of my favorite kids.

I don't always Snapchat, but when I do, I only use it to take pictures of my child with funny filters.

First time really swinging!

Halloween in August? I'll take it.

Look at these adorable, well-behaved babies!

Hipster Atlas

I keep adding more color in. Gotta keep it interesting so I don't just chop it all off again. Tempted...

Sunglasses are his new favorite toy.

Finally getting back in to running. Early mornings aren't so bad around here.

Atlas is more interested in ribbon than unwrapping and looking at gifts.


Getting brave enough to walk.

Waiting for Dad to walk in after work.

Loving Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

Baby selfie.

99% of our pictures look like this.
Or this.


"Hey Mom. :)"

He knows he shouldn't be in that spot.

His last day as an 11-month-old.. Making a mess with his snacks.

The family came to celebrate!

Giving the big baby some love.

Showing off his guitar skills.

Tried to take a selfie of everyone with my little T. rex arms. Failed.

First photo of my one-year-old.

Early morning birthday selfie with my reason for getting up each day. <3

So serious. 

Such a big boy!

This is what a nursing selfie looks like with a one-year-old. Tried to document our food allergy nursing success story. Failed.

Celebrating his birthday like a true Florida boy: Happy hour in paradise.

A rare night out with tequila.

We survived a year!

And we were joined by some very important people!

Tequila shots happened.

Ended the night on the dock at Guanabanas. Florida would be perfect if our family lived here.

Helping Dad put together some birthday gifts.

Morning at the beach.

"Oh hey Mom, I'm just hoarding all my toys in here."

Showing Poppop how to play the drums.

Indomacculate at FOOD SHACK! Only the best dinner of all time.

Raspberry key lime pie. Nomnomnom.

Atlas wanted to show everyone the animals at Busch Wildlife.

He kept us on our toes at Rocco's for lunch!

Happy Birthday, Linny! Birthday dinner at Utiki.

"This car is WAY better than the stroller, guys."

"So is this one! Outta my way!"

Boom boom

I see that cup there, kid. No drinking and driving.


Mornings with my toddler. <3

Poor sick baby wanted extra cuddles today.

Fun baby shower for Charity at Hoffman's Chocolate! We decorated our own candy bars and had ice cream and coffee. We also took a tour of the factory, which made me feel like Veruca Salt (I want it all NOW!). Such a cool idea for an event.

Definitely on a sugar high by the end of the day. Atlas can't wait to hang out with another little girl friend!

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