Monday, May 29, 2017

Long Time No Talk


I really need to write more often. I am slacking. I know I will want to read back on my experiences one day, but life is hectic with a baby on the move. I would rather live these moments than take time out of them.

Atlas has been growing constantly for the past couple months. I can not believe how quickly things progressed. He is climbing, chattering, and learning new things every day. His personality is starting to shine through, and man, is he our child. He babbles and shrieks a ton when he is comfortable, but he is observant and quiet when we are out and about. He is sensitive, but when he finally gets comfortable, he is mischievous. I will tell him "No!" and he will turn, look at me, smile, and speed off to get in to whatever trouble.

My favorite and least favorite part of the day is wakeup. He has been waking up between 5am-6am (or 4am...), which is not fun, but he climbs all over us in bed, gives me kisses, and flops on our pillows. If I have to rise before the sun, at least I get to look at his huge smile and hear him laugh.

Things have gotten much easier around here. Atlas usually takes two long (for him, anyway) naps a day. I LITERALLY NEVER EVER thought I would be saying that. He even went to bed for a sitter one night. It was only the third time Eric and I had been out without Atlas since he was born, but now I know he will be fine if we leave him.

Atlas is also eating a bit more now, and so am I. He loves feeding himself squash, peas, carrots, and banana, but his favorite is avocado. We are in the clear for everything except dairy, which I accidentally ate, and it made him sick. I am currently trialing it again. I'll let you know how it goes in a couple weeks. But besides that, my life is full of... being full of beer and bread. Hallelujah, praise baby Jesus. So our family time usually consists of going to one of our favorite local breweries. No shame.

It is the absolute truth that things get better. It only took me 9 months to know it, and sure, having a kid will always bring some challenges, but I finally feel like I am out of the woods for real. I feel like I can balance life and a child. It may be hectic, and I may be frazzled, but I can do it.

My parents came to visit a couple weeks ago. I miss them so much. Atlas had his first bad cold the week beforehand, but he recovered in time to have a nice week with them. We spent time eating out at their favorite local restaurants and doing things Atlas likes to do. My mom got to come to music class with us, so she got to see him in his "natural habitat" heheh. On my first Mother's Day, Atlas cut his first tooth! We ate pancakes, drank mimosas, and had a little barbeque on the patio. Eric and I even went on a date one night, which made a whopping FOUR TIMES we have been out without Atlas.

Currently, I am attempting to figure out some fun activities for summer. Summer is hibernation season in Florida. It is WAY too hot to do things outside with a baby, unless we are in a pool and in the shade. Hopefully, we will be spending the next few months leading up to his first birthday (holy shit) having indoor classes and play dates! And I am sure we will be visiting Atlas's bff Chloe and her new sister, who will be born this upcoming Thursday.

So, less than three months until Atlas turns one. I am determined to write at least once a week from here on out until then. I don't want to take any of this time for granted, but I wish I could write down every single second, or just have a constant video running of my life. Time is flying by way too quickly.

Do you see the mischievous look?

The pink drink at Starbucks is my new refreshing, non-caffeinated jam

Atlas loves Miss Rachael

And Ella!

Ella helped him eat a food pouch for the very first time. He loved it!

An afternoon at Busch Wildlife Center. Every once in a blue moon, I will forgo coffee to do something more entertaining ;)

We saw panthers, bears, peacocks, deer, owls, bobcats, and tons of other cute animals

These dino overalls belonged to my favorite little buddy Alexander, who I miss so much. I'm so mad I forgot to get a picture of them together when he and Aunt Sarah visited. We were too busy having fun!

And the cube was his, too! The cube never got old. I hope I get to pass these things on to another special baby one day (SOMEONE ELSE'S baby, not mine, just to clarify ;) )

The rhythm section

Practicing his beats on daddy's arm

Maple bacon coffee porter. Nommmm

Some brews at Civil Society with Uncle Adam!

This is MY beer, baby. Get your own.

Atlas's first kind of bad cold. Look, he is breathing through his mouth. :( We were hot messes for almost a whole week 
Last Snow on tap at Ale House for trivia night?! What is this sorcery?

Getting some sunshine with the Nymmy girl

His first time in a shopping cart! He loved it!

He was much more interested in things around him, and much louder around the old ladies of PGA. Some were amused. Some were not.

A typical morning

He is getting to be such a handsome boy

May the 4th be with you!

Getting in to some trouble...

Two rebels

He loves Nym

She is not so sure about Atlas though

Family walk

Beautiful night outside with friends

This happened

He has discovered the stairs :( Time for a gate!
Mom mom Deeg is here!

A nice night on the patio with my Cher

Beautiful day at the park

A SHARK AT THE PARK! This is what happens in Florida.

First time on a swing. We might try again in a few weeks. Haha
Atlas the shark chasing Chloe the mermaid

Pop pop Deeg is finally here!

Date night at The Cooper

We clean up well

Finishing the night at a brewery. Eric is being a craft beer loving hipster... aka himself

Good morning, monster

Rainbow roses from my sister for Mother's Day. So cool!

Family lunch at Guanabanas

Morning kisses

We saw this mommy bird and her two babies on a walk in the neighborhood 
Dinner and drinks at Utiki. Eric and I had our last date here before Atlas. We're finally back 9 months later now that I can eat more than salad again!

Dinner with a view. One of my favorite views in the world.

Nym didn't want her mom mom to leave. :(

Saying goodbye in the morning. :(

He is starting to take an interest in books now that he doesn't just want to chew on them all the time

Family walk

Nym has turned in to a great leash walker when I have the stroller!

Pool day with Erin!

Oh my messy boy

Trivia night while Heather is home. SECOND PLACE. We drink... and we know things.

He thinks it's hilarious when he wakes me up at 4am and doesn't sleep all day

Moms Night Out painting pottery! I painted a coffee mug of course.

Trying to get Nym used to Atlas. He loves her... she, on the other hand, is terrified of this crawling creature invading her territory. Poor Nymmy.

I thought he was a drummer, but maybe not.

One on one time with my first baby doesn't happen too often. I love her.

Grateful to live in this place.

What trouble will we get in to today?

Lunch and beach at Jupiter Beach Resort with Kristin. A much needed day out for me. Eric and Atlas both survived, and I got to recharge with this view.

His new thing is opening and closing things, especially the door to his room.

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