Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Life in Photos

Well, life has been way too busy for the past few weeks, but that's not a bad thing.

Atlas life: Playing, exploring, sleeping (and not sleeping), eating (and not eating), visiting with Mommom and Poppop Mazz, and learning all sorts of new things.

Adult life: Hanging with friends, playing games, having our first date night in over seven months, and lots of coffee.


Sitting on the patio while Atlas naps, enjoying the sunshine. Life is good, yo.

Atlas is in a stage where he wants to drop a nap but isn't quite ready to do that yet. So for that little third catnap, he will sometimes sleep on me. This had not happened in a LONG time until now.
I can't stand the cuteness. I do not take these snuggles for granted anymore. They are few and far between.

Babies hanging out together. Atlas has become VERY interested in Nym and her toys.

We finally got Atlas's room completely sorted out!

No Pants Magee Jr. playing with his favorite toy.

Bacon teether for my child. Yes.

He is getting to be SO fun to hang out with!

First St. Patrick's Day!

We are always prepared with multiple festive outfits on holidays. Necessary.

On a St. Patrick's Day walk in the only Irish festive gear I own: Kelly Green Brewing Co. tee. It really doesn't get more festive than a green brewery shirt though, right?

I watched the original Beauty and the Beast with my Beauty and Beast. Which is which?

Just being silly

He does fuss and cry, see?

Kristin and I saw the new Beauty and the Beast. It was pretty damn good. What was also pretty damn good was this fancy cocktail I had before the movie while Kristin ate truffle fries. I get drinks, she gets food... we torture each other. Soon enough, I will be able to eat and she will be able to drink again!

My wolfchild <3

My wildchild <3

Moldy Sophie has been his favorite teething toy. She has since been thrown away, because Atlas spit into the hole and she stopped squeaking. Moldy Sophie could have ACTUALLY gotten moldy. We don't mess around with real mold around here.

Jammin. He loves any musical toys. He is definitely our boy. :)

We met up with friends at Fresh Nation, a friend's new restaurant venture! It was delish, had food I can actually eat, and is a good place to chill with the littles. Love it!

Boat day on Daddy and Aunt Kristin's birthday weekend! He did much better this time around!

This was the very first gift ever given to Atlas when I was only 12 weeks pregnant. Aunt Sarah gave him one in newborn size to be cute and one in six month size so we could watch the monster while he crawls around. He is just about too big for it now. Time certainly flies by.

Poppop and Mommom Mazz came to visit!

Out at Daddy's birthday lunch.

Hardcore teething calls for a frozen milk pop. He loves them!

FIRST DATE since Atlas was born! We hit up Rocco's for some drinks since I can't eat out. What better place for a date than a tequila bar?

Just felt like drinking some straight up tequila.

It was a beautiful night, weather and company. I really, really missed going out with Eric. 
This weirdo loves to crawl around the bed in the morning. I told Eric to teach him the colors on the duvet. Eric goes, "Lavender, indigo, reddish-orange..." ERIC. SERIOUSLY. Just teach him some simple colors and save the nuances for when he's more advanced. Maybe 9 months old, okay? Lololol

Loving his "jumpy" more than ever

We went to Green Cay. One of my favorite places.

The rainbow hens are my favorite, but this light blue guy was cool.

A wild Atlas.

A wild Jeff in his natural habitat.

This is what you see through the sun window when you lower the stroller back and try to get Atlas to sleep while you walk.

Watching the rain 
Saw a gator on our way out. Yay!

Atlas sure looks happy that I am drinking at Guanabanas. Thanks, kid.

Eric's aunt and uncle visited for a couple days as well! Atlas says, "Take me to the Keys!"

It was the perfect day for drinks by the water.

"CALM DOWN, ATLAS!!!" Chloe tried to teach Atlas how to put the blocks in the bucket. He just wanted to rip off the lid and chew on it.

Getting a little cozy hahaha

Giving kisses

He went from crawling to standing to using me as a ladder to get on top of the futon. Proud of my strong boy, but he is definitely a climber and starting to get in to all kinds of trouble... my nerves...

We recently moved in to 12 month PJs, which are my favorite batch yet. MONSTER TOES!

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