Sunday, March 5, 2017

A Day of Firsts

Atlas is changing rapidfire right now. He is crawling, saying "bababa" and "mamama", drinking from his cup and bottle with no fighting, sleeping through the night except to eat once, AND taking long naps a couple times a day! Well, for the past two days he has been this way. So we figured what better time to plan a big day out than now, when he is sure to be well-rested and predictable and happy!

Nope. Not today. Back to old Atlas today.

But that's okay. If there is anything I have learned in the past three years since turning my life upside down and moving to Florida, it's that flexibility is key. For me, especially since having Atlas, it has been really important to make fun plans as often as possible so that I feel as normal as possible. Sometimes, that backfires on me, but I would rather have a day of Atlas being slightly "off" than sitting inside waiting for him to nap, only to accept at 6pm that no naps will happen today.

Life is too short to sit inside for months while I try to force a schedule on my kid.

So today, we attempted to take Atlas out on the boat in the morning and have a Sunday Funday afternoon out. Atlas DID take a great nap in the afternoon, despite being a little sleep rebel in the morning. And even though it was a little chilly and windy, we got to get out on the water for the first time in seven months, have drinks, and hang out with a bunch of friends. It didn't go as smoothly as it could have, but we had fun anyway, and Atlas is now asleep before 7pm.

I'm gonna call today a win.

ON A BOAT! Rocking Chloe's old life vest. Boys can wear pink, too. Peace, Love, and Flower Power!

Strapping him in. He actually didn't mind it too much.

Family <3 

Atlas saw the Jupiter Lighthouse from the water for the first time! We had to put a little bun on his hat to keep it out of his eyes. He's so hipster even his hat has a man bun.

It was SUPER windy and cloudy, but we still tried to get him on the beach while Chloe and Ben took a dip in the frigid water. He thought it was funny at first...

... then he was only content in Daddy's arms. Cranky boy.

The only person who was guaranteed to stop his crying was Chloe, as usual. They get along so well. They are going to be TROUBLE together as they get older...

I have given up on wiping the drool off his face. These teeth better come through soon!

We bundled up for drinks with friends this afternoon!

Fun fun fun

HEY MA! LOOK AT ME! I can't believe Lindsey convinced me to eat a raw oyster...

Clearly terrified, but we did it, and it wasn't bad at all :)
And what else would we wear on a wintery Florida day? None other than a Cape May hoodie, of course! <3 

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