Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Things have been good in the Mazz Deeg household.

We have been doing some big things.

Atlas's sleep has been getting better. I am so glad we decided to work with a sleep consultant. Once we figured out his problem, we were able to get him to stop putting up such a fight in the crib. Now, he may take awhile to go to sleep, but it's usually because he is having too much fun playing around. Rolling, talking, kicking the crib against the wall... His naps are getting better and more consistent, and his night time sleep is pretty good besides waking to eat. Who knows if things will stay this good, but at least we know how to read him and handle him now! And NO MORE ROCKING!

Atlas started eating solids as well! It is bittersweet. I can't believe he is old enough, and it makes me sad that he is growing up so quickly, but at the same time, I am ready. I am hoping he loves to eat so much that he self-weans by the time he is one year old. That would be nice, right? He is half DiGiuseppe after all, so maybe he'll be begging for meatballs in, say, a couple weeks and be done with milk, and then I can eat delicious food again. So far, he loves squash and sweet potatoes and is not quite sure what to make of green beans. I don't blame ya, kid. Green beans are gross.

AND he has been to the beach! He loves the sand and the scenery but isn't the biggest fan of the heat. That's okay. I think a boat day will go much better with the breeze blowing.

Today was good overall. For the very first time, Atlas slept for almost TWO WHOLE HOURS, morning and afternoon nap. I didn't know what to do with myself!  I showered, put makeup on, did laundry, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned the bathroom, cleaned out my drawers... I should have slept, but the whole time I was sure he would wake up any minute. I'm not getting my hopes up, but I would be pretty thrilled if this schedule became a trend. He refused a late cat nap, so he was a wreck going to bed, but we'll see how the night progresses.

On top of that, I got to see my work fam! SO GOOD TO SEE THEM. I almost teared up when Layla and Alex ran to meet me at my car. I'll blame it on residual pregnancy hormones, but we all know I'm just a giant, sentimental ball of mush when it comes to them. It is absolutely ridiculous how quickly time has passed and how much all of the kiddos have grown. One day soon, I will let Atlas have some Aunt Sarah and Uncle Rob quality time. I'm almost ready to give in, I swear. I may not be able to eat anything yet, but I think I would be okay with downing a pitcher of margaritas at Rocco's with Eric. Just maybe...

Okay, not much else to say. We are just trucking along and enjoying life. Here are some crappy, unedited cell phone pictures.

Spur of the moment trip for Atlas to see the beach for the first time. If you're going to drive around to get your kid to sleep, you may as well pick someplace good to go! 
I love this road.

He now knows that he controls the sound. He knows to press the buttons when the music is done if he wants more!

Still chewing on Moldy Sophie. Still no teeth.

Meet Atlas's new lovey: Rocky Raccoon

He loves his toes 

Atlas was born with his fingers in the two most important formations: the horns and the bird. Lol
A perfect day for Atlas's first real beach day!

Took this one at the risk of looking like a snowbird tourist, but it had to be documented.

So happy

His first time playing in his pack n play

He loved it!

Loving the sweet potatoes

"MA! I'M HUNGRY!" Typical Italian

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