Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Glass Half Full?

I should be happy that it's Hump Day, even though I am currently funemployed AKA on maternity leave from the workforce for the forseeable future.

Alas, I am not. I have been having a rough time mentally these past few days. I've been running errands, organizing, cleaning, packing, doing little things I need to do, re-organizing what I already organized, listening to music (I have 16+ hours of music on my Birth playlist so far. Think that's enough?), doing research on preparing for natural childbirth/breastfeeding/taking care of another human life...

But sometimes, nothing works, and I just need to write. This is one of those times.

My hands hurt, I feel fat, it's hot as balls outside, and I am very overwhelmed.


It is time to be a glass-half-full person. Here are 20 things I can't wait to experience:

1. Childbirth class on Saturday. I can't decide if it's going to be more or less amusing than watching Eric try to change an anatomically-correct-doll's diaper, which is what happened at Newborn Care class last night.

2. Seeing Eric's aunt, uncle, and cousins next weekend!

3. My mom coming down in August, and the rest of our family coming when the baby has arrived.

4. Meeting my child (and not being pregnant anymore...)!

5. Dressing my child in cute clothes.

6. Seeing his personality develop.

7. Reading and singing to him.

8. Introducing him to all our friends and family.

9. Traveling with him. We've always wanted to see a million places in the world, but now we will just tote him along. At one point, I may have thought this was a burden, but now I am just excited to teach a kid about nature, history, and different cultures.

10. Taking him to Disney! Some may say it's because they get to experience the magic again through their children's awe and wonder, but really I'm just excited for ANY excuse to go to Disney...

11. ... And dress us in matching Disney-themed outfits...

12. ... Like, we can all have Disney Villain mouse ears and shirts! I AM SO COOL.

13. Celebrating Halloween and Christmas with him! Now THAT is about the magic.

14. Seeing Eric teach him how to play the guitar, rollerblade, play hockey, and brew beer.

15. Introducing him to good music and hopefully saving him from the shit that is pop music nowadays (I sound like a crotchety, lame, embarrassing mom already! Yay!).

16. Introducing him to the Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, His Dark Materials, and all my favorite books as he gets older.

17. Seeing him grow up with Nym, and hopefully lots of pets, because I am going to adopt all the animals when we move into a bigger house.

18. Cheering him on at whatever extracurriculars he decides to pursue.

19. Planning birthday parties for him, until he gets too old and cool to have birthday parties. And then I'll give him money and tell him to "go do something fun with your friends, or whatever." (Right? Is that what I'm supposed to do when he's too cool for parties? Someone help me out, please.)

20. Hearing him say, "I love you, Mom." Which he will probably get too old and cool to say at some point, but then he will get over it and start saying it again when he realizes telling people you love them is more important than being a standoffish teenager. :)

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