Sunday, May 15, 2016

Week 25!

How far along?  25 Weeks! In fruit/veggie lingo, Baby Mazz is as big as a... cauliflower? That's what The Bump app is telling me. That's really random. I've seen some pretty big heads of cauliflower though.

Total weight gain/measurements: Who knows. Definitely something. My bump has popped. I got my first comment from a stranger about it at the dentist office (Nym chewed my retainers... again... my fault this time though). I've been so small for so long that I was genuinely excited when someone asked me about it. Next time someone does it, I'm going to screw with them and be like, "Oh, I'm not pregnant... JUST KIDDING 25 weeks" Wahahahahaha.

Maternity clothes: Nothing new for me, BUT I DID GET BABY CLOTHES! Much more exciting than me getting #momjeans, let's be honest. There are a few Facebook groups in our area that are basically like online yard sales, but the best one is a women-only site, mostly made up of moms in our area. People sell all sorts of things, from furniture to books to clothes. A very well-priced lot of newborn boy clothes came up, so I messaged the lady. She ended up offering me first dibs on ALL her boy clothes, so I now have a ton of stuff up through 6 month size! She even threw in some extras that weren't pictured. Super cute, great condition, and nice brands. Here are my favorite things:
Constellation pjs
I want one in my size please
Peace sign tank onesie and skinny jeans? Dying. Tell me this kid won't be stylish, I dare you.
Stretch marks: Still none

Sleep: I really miss sleep. Really, really bad. My chest pain is making it REALLY hard for me to move around now, my lower back just plain hurts, and the baby is super active when it's sleepytime. This is a sign of things to come, I'm sure. The other night, I could feel him up high around my ribs, which was excruciating in my case. I have a feeling I am going to get way bigger before this guy arrives. He has no room in there right now. I need to expand...

Best moment this week: This whole weekend has been the shit honestly. 

Friday night, I worked until 8. I put Little Buddy down early because he was a (still quite adorable) crankypants, so my girl and I had a makeup party! I had always wanted a little girl so I could share my love of makeup with someone. Please don't crucify me for saying that. I'm just being honest. Don't get me wrong, I'm still super pumped to have a boy, because he will be kind and badass and talented and attractive. And probably easier than a girl, hah. And I mean, maybe my son will want to wear black eyeliner and nail polish like his parents did in middle and high school... but ya know. Not exactly the same as picking out eyeshadow at Sephora. So if anyone wants me to do makeovers with their daughter, I volunteer! I did her nails with glitter nail polish and drew a butterfly on her face with my colored eyeliners. I also bravely taught her how to do my lipstick, blush, highlight, and contour, because I needed to freshen up to go out after work. It could've been disastrous, but she actually did a great job. We met up with a child-free Ben and Kristin for drinks when I was done. Warm air, table by the water, view of the Jupiter lighthouse, and a virgin pina colada... doesn't get much better than that (unless you actually have rum in your pina colada...). 

Yesterday, I felt like total shit and slept all day while Eric helped our friends move. I'm at the point where I can barely move my left arm from the pain in my ribs. But he convinced me to go to Ben's parents at night. I was hesitant to go, because I was kind of feeling like a sick, injured whale with big boobs shoved into a bikini, but I'm glad I went. The warm pool jets were exactly what I needed, and the human interaction didn't hurt either, haha. Chloe was hilarious as usual, the food was good, and everyone had a good time. Always a good time with our Florida fam.

This morning, we got brunch at Rocco's Tacos. If you've never been to Rocco's, you're missing out. Pro tip: If you're pregnant, you will miss out on bottomless mimosas and margarita pitchers, so maybe go when you're not pregnant. But it was still so worth it, because it's pretty much the most fun atmosphere ever.

Miss anything? Sleep. Alcohol. Family. Moving without involuntarily exclaiming "OW." I feel like I am becoming very dependent on help, and I hate it. I hate having to ask Eric to do certain things, which I used to be able to just do myself. We sold our guest room furniture finally, and we got a cabinet for the kitchen to use as a pantry. Instead of being able to move everything from the kitchen closet to the pantry, I could only do some of it and had to ask Eric to clear out the rest. I couldn't reach for or move anything without pain shooting through my ribs. Ben had to come help move the cabinet and take the futon upstairs, because Pregnant Lauren is useless. It's so frustrating, because I tell everyone to stop treating me like I have a disability. I'm just pregnant! But now, I am sick and injured on top of it, and I really do need to accept the help if I don't want to make things worse. Ugh.

Movement: More and more every day! Or should I say night. But what makes me the happiest is when he moves when he hears certain songs. He likes when I listen to and sing Coheed songs. His favorites so far are The Crowing and Atlas. And he likes Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid. Hehehehehe :)

Food cravings: Sugar sugar sugar. I try to curb it with fruit. I ate a ton of watermelon and pineapple this week, in addition to my daily apple and banana. I try to fill up on other things too, like natural peanut butter, Greek yogurt, oats, etc... but it still doesn't stop Baby Mazz from wanting Oreos. I'm actually about to go make some brownies after I post this. Oh well.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Same as usual

Gender: Boy

Labour signs: Nope

Symptoms: Shortness of breath, back pain, migraines, some heartburn, feeling lightheaded and dizzy.

Belly button in or out? Still in. I think it'll be an outie by June. Meh.

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or moody most of the time: Even though I have felt EXTRA shitty physically this week, I was actually happy most of the time. I felt productive (even though I needed help), had fun with the kids at work, and relaxed a lot. :)

Looking forward to: Getting the house organized! It's starting to look closer to how I want it to look for baby. And looking forward to going home!

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