Monday, May 23, 2016

26 Weeks

GUYS. I got a new pregnancy app that gives me options other than fruits and veggies for Baby Mazz's size, and this week, he is the size of a SLOW LORIS. A slow loris! THAT'S ADORABLE. I wish I had a slow loris for real, but a baby is cool too.

I never have shoes on in these pictures.
I still have a lingering cough, but my chest is just a dull ache now, which is much more bearable than a sharp, stabbing pain in my lungs that prevents me from breathing. Now that I am no longer knocking on death's door, I have been very productive over the past week.

For one, Eric and I ordered a king size mattress. It will feel better than Christmas when that mattress is delivered this week. There will be room for both of us, my belly, a pregnancy pillow, and Nym! Although we have been keeping Nym off the bed to prevent her from hurting her leg while jumping off of it, and I think we are going to continue to keep her off the bed. It kills me, but I think this is best for all of us when we have the baby. I don't want her to feel like a new creature is intruding on her territory, let alone her BED, all of a sudden. I know I get annoyed when people intrude on my sleeping territory... hence the king size bed. ;)

Here's a random picture of me playing with my cute Nym, because she wouldn't leave me alone when Eric was trying to take my bump picture. She loves her mommy. :)
We also hung up a giant new mirror, organized the majority of the house, ordered our nursery furniture, got my car fixed, and got my phone fixed (it was an expensive and annoying week... haha). Oh AND we got our bridal party attire for Rob and Lindsay's wedding! Okay, so, their wedding is October 1st, which is one month after I have the baby, assuming Baby Mazz doesn't hold on to my uterus for dear life and comes on time. I have a feeling he'll be early, even though people say first babies typically come late. I think he's going to steal Linny's birthday on the 22nd! 8/22/16 is a good date, although I prefer odd numbers. We shall see.

I've talked to a few people who have experience traveling with newborns, and I really think going to the Jerz will be doable, as long as he comes on time and I don't have a c-section or any postpartum issues. We were initially planning on driving up, but multiple people have told me I should probably just fly with him. I am super paranoid about bringing him on an airplane without being fully vaccinated, but Eric's cousin and my work fam have given me some great tips. If we take the first flight of the day, the airplane will be the cleanest. I can babywear him so that people leave him alone and he stays a little more protected from the germs. AND, since he's a newborn, he will hopefully sleep and nurse the entire time. Three hours is a short flight, but it might seem like an eternity with a baby... we'll see. I'm pretty sure two days of driving, stopping to nurse constantly, and staying in hotels would seem like even MORE of an eternity. My work fam drove all the way to Colorado with a 3-month-old, and they said it was ridiculous. They flew with both of their babies when they were 6 weeks old, and they said it was way easier, besides the hassle of packing and going through the airport with baby gear.

I am really determined to make it to this wedding. It is really important to us to be there for our friends, and on top of it, we would be able to introduce everyone to Baby Mazz when he is still little. I want nothing more than for all his aunts and uncles and cousins, blood related and not, to meet him ASAP. Now, hopefully I will fit into my bridesmaid dress. I ordered it two sizes up. I picked out a gorgeous dress, and I think it'll be flattering on my not-yet-shrunken postpartum belly and appropriate on my gigantic nursing boobs. If not, I'll just put my bouquet in front of myself in every picture. :P

Today, I had my glucose screening to test for gestational diabetes. I worry about this. From what I've been told, though, there's not much you can do to prevent it. It just happens with some pregnancies. I'm not going to lie, the sugary fruit punch liquid didn't taste as bad as everyone said it would. The bad part was letting it sit in my empty stomach for an hour. The nurse said I could chug the whole cup or sip it, but I had to finish in three minutes either way. I told her I was going full-on college style and just slammed it down. I think she was impressed. Thanks, UD, for preparing me for this moment in life.

I should have my results in the next couple days, so I'll keep you posted. Baby's heartbeat is great, and my belly is measuring fine, even though I haven't gained a ton of weight.

Besides all that, I am currently introducing Baby Mazz to Dashboard. He doesn't like them as much as Coheed. Maybe they're too emo for him. Dashboard, Taking Back Sunday, Saosin with Anthony Green, and The Early November are touring together this summer. Do you think it would be a bad idea to go to this show outdoors in Miami in late June when I am 31 weeks pregnant? Do you think maybe Adam Lazzara will take pity on me and invite me to come backstage while they play so I can sit down and stay nice and cool? He has a wife and two kids. I bet he gets it. PLEASE, ADAM.

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