Monday, May 9, 2016

24 Week Update

After last week's hospital shenanigans, we are back to your regularly scheduled bump update.

How far along? 24 weeks 1 day

Total weight gain/measurements: I went to the doctor last Wednesday, as a follow-up after my ER visit. The baby is fine! I weighed the same as I had the week before. I don't think I had been eating as much due to being sick, and I've been drinking a TON of water to stay hydrated and clear up my lungs. But I feel like I weigh more now, five days later. Might be due to the frozen yogurt and Oreos I've been eating...

Maternity clothes: I really need to invest in more, because I am rotating through the same four maternity shirts at this point, unless I just throw on one of my old tees. Some of my old, flowy tanks fit, but they make me look like a tent. I am more into the fitted maternity clothes, because I find them to be more flattering on me. This is frustrating, because my personal style is very much flowy and boho. First world problems. BUT I bought a nice maternity dress that I got for a STEAL, and it was literally the only one in my size in the entire store!

Stretch marks? Still nothing, but my old white ones on my thighs and hips are becoming more noticeable.

Sleep: ..... lol. Besides coughing fluid out of my lungs 24/7 and my back killing me, Baby Mazz has been kicking up a storm in the wee hours of the morning. 5:30am has been my wakeup call for the past week. I'm exhausted, but feeling him move is fun!

Best moment this week: Eric coming home from Chicago! This was the longest we had been apart since I lived away from him in Baltimore, and it happened to be a really, really difficult week. Both my right AND left sides of my chest are destroyed now. Between the sickness, the pain, and being pregnant, I had a hard time doing important things. I couldn't lift my plants up when they fell over in the storm. I couldn't get the trashcan out of the shed. Nym was being very well-behaved outside, but I honestly couldn't walk her very far because it hurt to breathe too deeply. I felt like a failure. I don't like needing help, but when I saw Eric walk in the door, it was the best feeling in the whole fucking world. I wanted to cry from relief and happiness.

Miss anything? Feeling like my ribs are intact and not broken. Breathing normally. Lolllll... but for real.

Movement: Lots! You can see my belly jolt around now when he does it. I'll try to get a good video to post for next week.

Food cravings: I just want dessert ALL THE TIME. And ever since my first trimester, when that mean doctor told me I need to lay off the bagels and cream cheese and asked if I was sure I knew who the father of my child is (hence why I switched practices...), I haven't eaten another bagel. I felt guilty every time I thought about bagels, which was every day basically. But last week, I went and bought myself bagels and cream cheese, and I ATE THEM. I ate a cinnamon raisin bagel and I LOVED IT. So there.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Just the thought of grilled chicken. I don't think that aversion is going away.

Gender: Boy

Labour signs: No, but I DID feel a Braxton Hicks contraction. These are "practice contractions," for those who do not know. It was weird, but not painful.

Symptoms: The main ones I've noticed this past week are back pain and shortness of breath. I know I'm sick, but this shortness of breath is due to the baby. It comes and goes. It's not helping my chest pain situation, and it's probably the scariest symptom I've experienced. It reminds me of having a panic attack, so every time it happens, I need to calm myself down and remind myself I am not starting to have a panic attack.

Belly button in or out? In, but not for long

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or moody most of the time: Eh... both. I don't know. I'm sick and miserable and in pain, but I'm happy that Eric is here, and the weather has been gorgeous, and lots of fun things are happening soon.

Looking forward to: Heading home in early June! It's just for a long weekend, and I have a lot to do, but it'll be nice to be with my parents and Linny. I miss them very much.

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