Sunday, March 20, 2016

Week 17 Bump Update

Baby is the size of an onion this week. Couldn't they think of a more appetizing food item?

Not much going on this week. Linny was here, and she left, and then I worked a lot. I've been having a kind of down past few days. I hate when visitors leave. It makes me feel lonely. I'm so far removed from living in the Jerz now that my mind wanders down dark, unsafe alleys of thought, like, "Was the winter really that bad? It's only four months of cold." Then, Eric looks at me like I am a lunatic, and reminds me that it fucking sucked. At least once a week since November, my Timehop has shown me statuses, tweets, and instagrams of the past, including things like "WHY THE FUCK IS IT SNOWING ON ST. PATRICK'S DAY" with me giving the middle finger to the camera while freezing my ass off with a snow shovel, or "I am booking a ticket to Florida RIGHT. NOW. AND NEVER COMING BACK," or "Why don't I live in Hawaii. WHYYYYY?"

I try not to take living here for granted, but when visitors leave, it takes me about a week to start seeing the palm trees and hibiscus flowers again.

How far along? 17 weeks!
Total weight gain: I have no clue, but my belly is definitely getting a little bigger.
Maternity clothes? None yet, but I went to the maternity store in the mall this week with Linny. Most of my shorts still fit me, I think because they are a little higher or lower waisted, but my jeans fall right at a spot in the middle of my belly. I've been wearing my "big" jeans that I saved when I had gained weight several years ago, but they are so baggy in the legs. So I tried on a pair of extra small petite jeans and shorts in the maternity store, which felt GREAT around my belly, but were still a little baggy in the tops of the thighs :( The lady said the other brand might fit me, as they are more tailored to exact sizes... which costs $225 per pair, no joke. Must be nice to be able to afford to spend that on a pair of jeans, let alone jeans that you will only wear for nine months. Guess I will be wearing sundresses all summer. UGH MY WORST FASHION NIGHTMARE. I hope I can find some black ones with skulls... jkjk sorry, Mom.
Stretch marks? None yet
Sleep: Not good, BUT my dream last night was AWESOME. I was at this small music festival thing in LA, and Taking Back Sunday was playing. There were all these girls that were trying to hook up with Adam Lazzara, but he's married with kids. Come on, you dumb hoes. So I asked if he would be willing to chat with me for a few minutes about being a musician, being in a band for a living, how it affects family life, etc. So we hung out for awhile and talked about all that, and he gave me advice, and everyone was jealous, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, he said he liked my purple hair (it was purple in my dream!). Then he gave me a hug and said we could be friends. The end. It was the best dream ever, besides the dream where I saw Queen performing with Freddie Mercury.
Best moment this week: Hanging out with Linny, video chatting with my family and Eric's, talking to Aunt Jen (even if half the conversation was about taxes. ADULTING!) I miss family :( Oh AND getting my hair done for the first time since I found out I was pregnant!
Miss anything? Just the usual. Family, alcohol.
Movement: I thought I felt him moving a week ago, but I haven't noticed anything since, so maybe I was just imagining things. I've been trying to pay attention at night when I am sitting still. They say you can start feeling movement at 16 weeks, but some people don't feel it until 20+.
Food cravings: Not really. Definitely wanting more sugary foods now though. GIVE ME ALLLLL THE BAKED GOODS.   
Anything making you queasy or sick: The usuals: strong sweet smells, peanut butter, and chicken, although I can sometimes eat chicken if it's breaded, fried, or I can't see or smell it (like in a quesadilla). If you put grilled chicken in front of me, I will punch you. I can now drink coffee again, which is good, because the doctor said a little caffeine would help with my headaches, and tea and soda sound gross to me. I'm only having one small latte a week if my headache is really bad, so don't freak out and tell me not to have too much caffeine.
Gender: Boy
Labor signs: No
Symptoms: Lots of the bad ones have lessened! Nauseous only if I come in to contact with aversions, headaches but not as often, not as exhausted as I was, boobs aren't really sore anymore, and acne is not as bad as it was. My hair is growing even MORE super fast than it already does, which is THE BEST THING EVER! The hairdresser said after a few more months and trims, I should have an even length and be well on my way to growing it out :)
Belly button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy, unless I'm hungry or tired.
Looking forward to: Eric's birthday, my first appointment at my new doctor, Nym's surgery follow up with xrays, and going home in April!

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