Monday, March 14, 2016

DISNEY, COHEED, and Quick Week 16 Bump Update!

Hi, I am 16 weeks pregnant, and my baby is the size of an AVOCADOOOOO.

Thinking about this milestone just makes me so.... 

HUNGRY. I want guacamole.

This past week was pretty emotional. It was my little buddy's first birthday on Wednesday. I will spare you the sappy details, but it felt like a big week for all of us there. But besides being an emotional mess, I have been feeling pretty good this week! I made an appointment at what is supposedly a great ob/gyn practice in the area, and they do all their bloodwork in office, so I won't be behind on anything. My appetite is increasing, even though my aversions are still around. But I can eat scrambled eggs now, so yay protein! I'm also getting some cravings, but nothing consistent. Just random cravings that I must have RIGHT NOW. My bump is getting a little bigger, but not much yet.

On Thursday, Linny got here! WE ALL WENT TO DISNEY FOR THE WEEKEND! We met up with Kelly and stayed in the Port Orleans French Quarter, which sold beignets and had a funny old man dressed in Mardi Gras clothes, so that was festive. Getting the bus to the parks was super convenient.

We happened to be there during the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival, which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you go to if you are thinking about Epcot in the spring months. Every country in the World Showcase had a special stand with delicious food and drinks inspired by that country, much of which I could not enjoy due to my case of the pregnants. BUT it was still awesome, because the things I could have were incredible. VIOLET LEMONADE, PEOPLE. Maybe they'll make it an Epcot staple. Everything was basically only $5-$7, so you could sample a lot. The gardens were really done up, and there was even a butterfly garden room you could walk through!

We all took sweet pictures of our trip. They aren't fancy or edited, but my favorites from all of us are compiled here. :)

Linny snapped a sneaky photo of us holding hands, but it's cute, so it's here.

I want Peter Pan to be on top of my house.
The English Tea Gardens are by far my favorite in Epcot at any time of year. But I'm also slightly obsessed with England, so...
A gigantic macaron chocolat framboise in France, of course.
Cucumber tomato falafel tahini goodness I DON'T EVEN KNOW in Morocco.
Abu in Morocco.
Japanese bonsai garden. I love me some bonsai trees. 
The butterfly garden.
As time goes on, these will hatch, and a ton more butterflies will be flying around the garden by the end of the festival!
Okay, so on Friday night, Eric and I left Linny and Kelly to go to the Coheed show. This was my third time seeing them, but this time we were supposed to get to do a meet and greet before the show and hear a private song... only Eric thought we were supposed to be there an hour before the show, but really it was an hour before doors opened. We left kind of early anyway, and we drove so fucking fast and literally ran through Universal to get there in time, but with the traffic, we JUST missed it. It was pretty devastating, and Eric felt really, really bad. We were hoping to get something signed made out to Baby Mazz. 

BUT all was well in the end, because we still got to be there for the private song, had the best view I've ever had at a show (and still safely away from moshers and smoke), and the show was INCREDIBLE. I didn't think it could beat the show last year, where they did one of their best albums front to back and then some, but I think this was the best. First of all, one of the opening bands, I The Mighty, is great. If you like old screamo/pop punk-ish stuff like Thrice and Finch, you will probably like them. Check them out. I could've done without Silver Snakes and Glassjaw. Not my cup of tea. BUT COHEED PLAYED BASICALLY EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY FAVORITE SONGS. The energy was insane, and Claudio's hair looked luscious.

And there was this hilarity:
"Cause nobody gives a fuck who you are" lolllll
So we left the show feeling on top of the world and really glad we made it there at all.

Saturday, we went to Magic Kingdom, which was magical as usual.

We had early breakfast reservations, so we got to walk down Main Street with basically NO ONE THERE!
Dumb crane, but you know. Still magical.

We had breakfast at Be Our Guest, which was INCREDIBLE. You should do it. We sat in the ballroom.

Pregnant lady's heaven. Am I right, or am I right?
"Try the grey stuff... it's delicious!" Shhhh, cupcakes for breakfast are fine in Disney. And every other day.

Having fun on one of my "pregnant lady" rides...
The Doormouse popped out to say hello.

Just Gaston. ;)
Hanging out in my... I mean Ariel's... castle.

Just doing some gardening while in line for Winnie the Pooh.

And then we drove home on Sunday, but not before we stopped at WAWA!

And Eric picked out this cute souvenir from our trip for baby:
BABY SIMBA! How cute. We can tell him how he went to Disney in Mommy's tummy!

So, that's all. This weekend made me think a lot about having a kid. Every time I saw parents, I kept thinking about how different life will be with a little dude. I had some internal mini-freakouts about not being able to just go to Disney whenever, or any trip, unless we find a sitter or pack a ton of stuff and bring him with us. But the flip side is that I think it will be fun to share the world with Baby Mazz, ESPECIALLY Disney. I saw a little boy and mom in matching Jack Skellington Mickey ears and shirts, and I knew it would all be okay. ;)

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