Sunday, March 6, 2016

15 Week Bump Update

Ello! Today I am 15 weeks pregnant, and I celebrated by sitting outside in my bathing suit ALL DAY. It was beautiful. Eric was brewing beer, Nym was relaxing, and I was listening to music and reading about astronaut Scott Kelly and Neil deGrasse Tyson. My pregnancy craving this past week has been SPACE. Jk, but really, my interest in it has been renewed by the news surrounding Kelly's return to Earth.

My view today.
I had a doctor appointment on Friday, which convinced me to definitely switch doctors. I am calling another practice first thing tomorrow morning.

At least I got to hear the baby's heartbeat. Right around 150. Baby is as big as a navel orange this week. :)

Bear with me and my flat butt, please. This is an exercise in self-love for me. I am trying to learn to appreciate my changing body. Also, bear with my floppy hair and grown-in roots. Now that I can sit for more than 30 minutes without running to the bathroom to hug the toilet, I am finally getting my hair cut and colored this week!

Besides that, it was a pretty typical week. Working with my little buddy has become increasingly difficult. He is a terror! The cutest terror I ever saw, but he's wild! Climbing everything, trying to get in to the covered outlets, MacGyvering out of his high chair (there's a massive throwback reference for ya!). He will be a year old this week, and I can't help but think about how much this nannying gig has changed my life. I have been with him since he was born. I used to be able to hold him in ONE HAND, and everyone knows my hands are practically baby hands themselves. He was not an easy baby, and he is not an easy one-year-old. I have learned a lot about motherhood this year, and I can honestly say that I never would have had the confidence to actually try to get pregnant if it wasn't for my work fam. Love em to death.

How far along? 15 weeks
Total weight gain: I gained 2 lbs. since my ultrasound a few weeks ago. Progress!
Maternity clothes? Still none, but I think I am going to try to get some new things this week. As of this past week, I am starting to get a little belly! My boobs don't look right in my tank tops, and nothing is laying right. I have an old pair of jeans that are too big that I always wear. They're comfy around my hips, but too baggy in the legs... I just look bloated, and I'm used to having a pretty flat stomach, so this is taking some getting used to.
Stretch marks? Still none
Sleep: Bad as usual. Last night I had a dream that I was trying to feed my baby, but he wouldn't eat. :( I wish I would have a good dream about him instead of crazy pregnancy dreams.
Best moment this week: Hearing baby's heartbeat at the doctor, and honestly, going to the bar last night with Eric hahaha. We went to The Brewhouse Gallery, which is an art gallery/bar combined. They were tapping a couple good beers, Funky Buddha Last Snow and Maple Bacon Coffee Porter. I was pretty bummed that I couldn't drink, but I liked looking at all the artwork and jewelry. And they have a ton of games there. We played Battleship, which I lost, but I kicked Eric's ass in Scrabble ;)
Miss anything? Family, clear skin, peanut butter even though it makes me want to barf, and just being my normal self. I definitely have more energy and feel less sick than before, but I am so thrown off by not being able to eat and drink my usual diet due to aversions/pregnancy restrictions. And I miss having a flat stomach. I knew this body change would be difficult for me, so I am prepared for these feelings. I think once I have a REAL bump, I will feel better, but this looking bloated thing is just making me feel kinda bad, even though I'm super excited.
Movement: Nothing yet
Food cravings: Bagels and cream cheese and Cheez-its (back on that bandwagon, but NOT WHITE CHEDDAR EW)
Anything making you queasy or sick: Peanut butter, meat, eggs, things that are too sweet. But some sweet things are okay now, like frozen yogurt.
Gender: Boy
Labor signs: No
Symptoms: Headaches, acne, aversions, wanting to nap every day of my life
Belly button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or moody most of the time: I wouldn't say moody, but I would say my irritation threshold is lower than usual... haha
Looking forward to: Linny visiting next week and DISNEY!

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