Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Week 12 Update

Bonjour, and welcome to week twelve of human growing!

I don't really have much to report. This past week was better than the last, but I don't think that was difficult to achieve. No car accidents, no Nym surgeries. I did not find out my test results, so hopefully they have them tomorrow when I go for my ultrasound. As long as they say everything looks good, we are preparing to start spreading the news to the world tomorrow night.

Besides that, today is Valentine's Day, which you know I strongly dislike. However, I agreed to babysit today, so I will be putting on my biggest, pinkest, sparkliest smiling face and attempting to make Valentine's-themed chocolate covered pretzels with a five-year-old while an eleven-month-old wreaks havoc, I'm sure. Kristin... I mean, my stalker... left a black rose on my car windshield this morning, which is much more indicative of how I feel about today.

How far along? 12 weeks
Total weight gain: Still don't own a scale, but hopefully I've put on at least a pound in the past week. I've been eating a bagel with cream cheese every morning, so hopefully that helps :P  
Maternity clothes? Still no need for any, but I think I'm going to have to go up a bra size ASAP...
Stretch marks? None yet. Still using baby oil and the Burt's Bees Belly Butter, which is impossible to find at Target. Hopefully I can find it somewhere else, because it's almost gone.
Sleep: Not sleeping well and having crazy dreams... so just the usual
Best moment this week: Going out to dinner last night with Eric. It was the first time I left my house for an unnecessary reason in over a month. No work, no errands... just to spend some time together. And FINALLY go out to eat, which I have been afraid to do out of fear of puking all over the table. We ate outside so I didn't feel trapped by food smells.
Miss anything? Alcohol. Clear skin. My family. My energy.
Movement: Nope
Food cravings: BAGELS AND CREAM CHEESE. And turkey and cheese sandwiches. I could eat a million of these things a day and still not have enough. I just ate a bagel an hour ago and I want another one, but I will resist.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Still peanut butter, coffee, chocolate, chicken, and most smells. Especially sweet smells or fried food smells. Ughhhhh barf.
Gender: WE WILL FIND OUT THIS WEEK. And if we don't, I will call and demand some answers, because these test results are only supposed to take ten days max to come back.
Labor signs: No
Symptoms: REALLY bad acne. I don't know what to do about it. Headaches, sore boobs but not as sore as before, nausea but not as bad or as often or before, tired but not as exhausted as before... Dare I say I am on the upswing?!
Belly button in or out? In!
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or moody most of the time: Moody, but I think that's justified given the things that have happened the past few weeks. Even if I wasn't pregnant, I'd be struggling to stay happy all the time.
Looking forward to: Test results and ultrasound! TELLING PEOPLE FINALLY! Nym getting her staples out, Eric's dad coming to visit this week, Linny visiting in less than a month

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