Tuesday, February 16, 2016


December 30th, 2015.


Yesterday morning, I went to the lady doctor. Kristin came with me, because Eric had to work, and I was freaking out, so I had to talk to SOMEBODY. I didn't want to tell our parents yet. I wanted to make sure this was really happening.

So anyway, I went to the lady doctor. Long story short, they told me to get naked from the waist down, so I sat there with no pants on (covered up, obviously), and the dude doctor came in to talk to me (my first dude ob/gyn, so I felt weird). He explained tons of things about testing and screening and lots of stuff I had no clue I'd have to think about right now. Good thing I had a second set of ears there with me. Then, the nurse came in and took my blood. She said she would call me the next morning with the confirmation that I am, indeed, pregnant.

Then I was done, and Kristin and I were left wondering why I had no pants on. Not that I'm complaining about no pants. I love no pants. But for real, why did I have to take my pants off?

This morning, I received no phone call, so I called the office. They didn't have my results in. BUT, I had an ultrasound set up for today, so I NEEDED TO KNOW. Or else I was going to have some lady probing my vagina FOR NO REASON.

I got to the office, with Eric this time, and asked the lady at the desk about the bloodwork situation, because not only did I not want an unnecessary vagina probe, but I also did not want to pay for a pointless appointment. The nurse asked to speak with me on the phone, and said that she has been so swamped because of the short holiday weeks. She said I am 100% definitely pregnant, congratulations!

The ultrasound tech was super nice. She answered all my questions and made me feel WAY better about my "risky" behaviors. I believe her exact words were, "People party like rock stars! How do you think this happens?!" She said everything looked fine right now, from what she could even see. Basically, I am maybe five weeks along. I almost cried from relief when she told me that. She said all she could see there was a gestational sac and yolk sac. CONGRATS, YOU'RE HAVING A CHICKEN!

I am going back in two weeks to see if the baby has developed any further, so she can get a more definite idea of a due date and how things are progressing. But she said congratulations and she thinks I am fine :)

Eric was completely silent throughout this whole process, and the lady and I were poking fun at him. I think he was in awe. I love him. He's holding up very well :P

When we got home, Eric drew a new picture on our chalkboard:

We video chatted with my parents and his parents. We told them we got them a VERY EXPENSIVE (not technically a lie...) Christmas gift that we hadn't sent yet, and we texted them a picture of the gift to make sure it was good before we sent it.

Needless to say, none of them expected this, both our moms flipped a shit crying, and both our dads said, "WHAT?!" Hahahahahha. I cried, too.

Everyone is very happy for us. We wanted to tell our parents right now. We couldn't keep it in. We know there is still a chance of miscarriage, especially with how weird my reproductive system is. But I would rather have some people I can lean on if that happens. I just know I won't want to deal with that alone. Let's hope that doesn't happen, though.

For now, I will try to keep eating and being healthy and stress-free, which we all know is going to be REALLY difficult for me. I shall distract myself with Pinterest. Kristin already made a secret baby board for me, with a ton of nursery themes and announcement photo ideas. Lunatic is more excited than I am, hahahaha. That's because she doesn't have to deal with this pregnancy bullshit this time. She just gets to do the fun things that a cool aunt does!

My REAL test will be if I can get through NEW YEARS FUCKING EVE without anyone realizing my glass is filled with sparkling cider and un-spiked juice. We all know I love me some wine and tequila...

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