Tuesday, February 16, 2016


January 5th, 2016.


White cheddar cheez its make me want to barf. I don't know why I went on a three-day white cheddar cheez-its bender last week. It was a bad idea. The thought of fake cheese powder makes me want to barf.

Everything makes me want to barf.

I know some people have it a lot worse than this, like they ACTUALLY barf, but I am wondering if actually barfing might bring me some relief from this 24/7 nausea.

I am trying really hard to eat healthy. I am trying really hard to eat ANYTHING. But even crackers make me feel sick.

Yesterday was my first day back at work after a three-day weekend of laying down trying not to barf. Work fam gave me some pregnancy books to read. She gave me some tips on good pregnancy products to use. He told me to tell Eric he better learn how to live with a pregnant lady real quick hahahahah.

I felt a million times better being out of the house, and I even ate overnight oatmeal with peanut butter and banana for breakfast, a cheese sandwich for lunch, and some oyster crackers. I had whole wheat penne with vodka sauce for dinner. I was actually HUNGRY. I think it has to do with the fact that I didn't take my prenatal vitamin in the morning. I took it last night. Then, I spent all night waking up thinking I was going to throw up.

I just ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast for the first time in two weeks. I almost threw up, but I got it down, so that's good.

I went to the doctor yesterday, because I saw some spotting. I thought it would just be nothing, but they told me to come in. Then, I spent the whole day freaking out about it. Turns out, it was nothing! Everything is fine. She said I could still wait until next week for my ultrasound.

So... that is all for now. Just wanted to be a whiny little bitch. Also figured writing might take my mind off the intense nausea I am feeling. My cinnamon almond protein cheerios want to say hello again...

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