Tuesday, February 16, 2016



I went for my 12-week ultrasound yesterday, where the tech said everything looks good so far. Baby has a nasal bone, beating heart, brain, fingers and toes!!!, and long little legs. We could see everything! We also got some blood test results back, which indicated the baby is at low risk for a bunch of chromosomal abnormalities. All that being said, we had been DYING to tell the world, and that felt like a sign that it was okay to do it now. We have been very anxious over the last several months, because we know not every baby makes it this far. We feel very, very grateful that ours has. Thank you all for the love!

Now that you all know about our little secret, we are doing a little Q&A session right here, right now, to answer the most popular questions we've had. So if you haven't heard these answers already, here they are, straight from me and Eric together.

CONGRATS!... Right?... This is good? Was this on purpose?
Okay okay, this is a fair question. We are not offended.  My own father assumed this was an accident. We have been on the anti-kid train for our whole lives, and truly, we were dead serious. We never wanted kids. But we changed our minds, because bodies have biological clocks and mine clicked on like a year ago and made me want a baby. Yeah, it made me wonder what the fuck was happening to me. I thought I was going insane. So we talked about it a lot, and now we're having a baby. Things change. People change.

No, people! NO! We never hated kids! We're SCARED OF THEM. There is a difference... Hahaha. Maybe that's not any better, but I have obviously been conquering my fear of kids over the past several years, what with working at a daycare, doing therapy with kids, being a nanny, and my best friend having one. Eric said he needs to work on conquering his fear of babies, but I don't blame him. Babies are scary as hell.

... I don't have a bump. Like, none at all yet. I barely look bloated. Sorry.

What is the name?!?!
Eric and I have no clue what the name is, but we have a somewhat unique taste in names. Not like, Apple or Spaceship Mars unique... but unique. So we talked about this, and we will not be revealing the name until the baby is born. Mostly because we probably won't have one picked out beforehand hahaha. But also because we don't feel like people going, "Oh... why? I don't like that." This has happened to several of my friends who revealed names early. Not that we really care what anyone thinks, but it would be really shitty if someone close to us did that and it made us second guess the name. And if anyone dares criticize it AFTER the baby is born... well then, fuck you. Naming your child is a very personal choice, and there are reasons why parents choose the names they do. Here's a hint though: It's not going to be Claudio or Angus. ;)

Are you finding out the gender?
Yeah guys... WE ALREADY KNOW! An added bonus of doing a DNA blood test is that they can find the baby's chromosomes. So, here it is:

IT'S A BOY! I mean, girls can wear these shirts, too (OBVIOUSLY), but HOW COOL WILL THIS DUDE BE?! RIGHT?!?!

And finally: How is Nym?
Nym is recovering very well, thank you for asking! She gets her staples out on Friday. Needless to say, it has been a stressful time for us, with me feeling like complete shit and being unable to help lift Nym or move her around. We just want her to be okay. We are super excited for our first human child, but Nym is our first furbaby. We love her. She has been so good with me since I've been pregnant. She's not quite protective over the belly, but she sticks close by, cuddles with me (which she NEVER used to do), and has been listening very well! It's crazy how animals know what's up.


  1. This is probably my favorite blog post ... so far ;)