Tuesday, February 16, 2016

10-week Bump Update

January 31st, 2016

I am ten weeks along today! I am DYING to make this public knowledge.

Early last week, I started feeling okay-ish. I was still really tired, but I didn't feel so nauseous all the time. Then Friday rolled around, and it came back with a vengeance. As much as I want to feel better, I have to admit that feeling sick is making me feel less anxious about how things are progressing. I feel like my belly has not really changed at all, and that scares me. The only way to know that there is a growing baby in there at this point is by a growing belly or an ultrasound. Our last ultrasound was in the seventh week, so it's been a few weeks, and all my jeans still fit, so... I am worried. But I am still able to fall asleep mid-day at the drop of a hat, feel sick, have food aversions, and haven't had any bleeding or bad signs like that, so I guess all is well. We have my first full prenatal exam on Friday, and I CAN'T WAIT. 

Yesterday, we got some very stressful and sad news. Nym tore her ACL when Eric had her at the dog park. It has been especially difficult for me to deal with, because I hate being helpless. I can't help him move her or carry her out to go potty, because I can't lift heavy things, and she is a HEAVY thing. Plus, I am a hormonal, emotional wreck, so I was crying pretty much all day yesterday and this morning. I posted on Facebook about the situation, and we've gotten lots of love and advice from people. Unfortunately, a lot of people we know have been through this with their dogs, since it's a fairly common injury. It's not an easy one to deal with, though. Or a cheap one. I just wish I could explain to everyone why this is SO difficult to deal with right now. We are really stressed out and sad for Nym.

She is laying by my feet right now, and she just went potty (finally!). To take my mind off the bad things and focus on the GOOD things, I decided now was a good time to start doing a weekly "bump update!" I got this from Anna Saccone, who you can follow for lots of fun beauty, lifestyle, and family posts.

How far along? 10 weeks today!
Total weight gain: As of my last appointment a month ago, I had lost 3 lbs. from my normal weight, due to feeling so sick. I don't own a scale at home, and I refuse to get one unless the doctor says it is necessary for me to monitor my weight. I tend to get obsessive when I have a scale around, so I am just trying to eat what I can for now, and hopefully will catch up with the weight gain when I feel less sick and can eat healthier again.
Maternity clothes?  Not yet. Everything still fits well, except my bras. Hahahha
Stretch marks?  Nope, but I'm guessing I'll at least get them on my hips and thighs. That's where all my old ones are.
Sleep: I have the CRAZIEST DREAMS, so I don't sleep well at night. But I can nap like a pro in the middle of the day, so... yeah. Exhausted. Constantly.
Best moment this week: When Eric brought home pizza for dinner HAHAHAHA some things never change ;)
Miss anything?  Feeling "normal", my family and friends
Food cravings: Nope. Only aversions. Severe aversions.
Anything making you queasy or sick?  EVERYTHING. Peanut butter, bananas, chocolate, coffee, chicken, the smell of fried food, vegetables, any sweet tastes or smells. I have a very limited diet right now, that is totally unlike my normal diet :(
Gender: Eric and I both think it's a girl, but I bet it'll be a boy!
Labor signs: No!
Symptoms: Extreme fatigue, nausea literally 24/7 (but no throwing up yet!), boobs hurting, hormonal acne which sucks because I've never had breakouts in my life, daily headaches/migraines, food and smell aversions
Belly button in or out? In.
Wedding rings on or off: On.
Happy or moody most of the time: I want to say happy, but Eric will say moody :) I just want to feel better.
Looking forward to: Doctor appointment on Friday, Eric's dad visiting in a couple weeks

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