Saturday, November 14, 2015

Friday the 13th: Paris, Je t'aime

While I was at The Melting Pot gorging myself on fondue and feeling pretty damn great about it, people were getting massacred in Paris.

I didn't find this out until midnight, because I was making an effort to get off my damn phone, be present in the moment, and Celebrate Life with the people who mean the most to me.

If anywhere knows a thing about celebrating life, it's France. Paris is THE city of my life motto. They should've all been drinking wine and listening to music and eating delicious cheese and chocolate in peace, because that's what Paris is all about.

Instead, we live in a world where people try to destroy those who live freely and fully.

I don't really have the words to express how sad the attacks in France make me feel. I imagine some people there are feeling what I felt during the 9/11 attacks: terror, fear, confusion, sadness, anger, helplessness. I hate that people are feeling that way. And I imagine there are many people around the world who are feeling scared to travel now, scared to get on planes and trains, scared to visit the incredibly beautiful cities and landmarks this world has to offer. I am kind of afraid.


The #PorteOuverte hashtag, people lined up to donate blood, and messages of support from around the world prove that no one can hold back those who live life with a sense of love, peace, happiness, and harmony. Paris is the embodiment of that spirit. Paris is The City of Light. Not just light, but LIGHT. Happiness. Spirit. Vibrancy. Love. And LOVE NEVER FAILS.

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