Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Deeg Invasion

There are a lot of wacky things about Florida. Weird laws, elitist attitudes, a constant state of swamp-body in the summer. All of these things can be balanced out in my head by remembering the wacky things about New Jersey. But the number one worst thing about Florida is that my family is not here, and that is something that no pro-Florida/anti-Jersey thoughts can balance out.

My parents and sister just left yesterday after a visit. This is the third time they have come to visit me since I moved almost two years ago, and the first time they have seen my new house and dog. MY house and MY dog. Eric and I bought them and are responsible for them. It was a very surreal experience, hanging out with my family on my patio and seeing them play with Nym.

I don't think I can deny that I am an adult any longer (still not a grown-up, though).

The week in (mostly Eric's and Linny's) photos:
Dinner at Utiki!
Utiki has dinner, drinks, and arguably the best view in Jupiter.
Linny and I baked mini cupcakes together for our Third of July celebration, hah. Someone trusted me with a knife ;)
On the 3rd, Ben and Kristin took us out on the boat. Out of their whole visit, I was most excited for this. They had never experienced this part of my life here, and it's what I love best about living here.
Jupiter Lighthouse
Fam at the sandbar. They thought it was so cool to be able to anchor the boat and hang out in the middle of the water. They also got a kick out of Chloe splashing around in her little life jacket :)
Fourth of July was rainy at first, but it cleared up in the afternoon. My dad and Eric grilled together on our new grill. Thanks, Dad! 
The fam also love that fireworks are legal in Florida, so we had some fun with sparklers and Eric's photo skillz.
Loggerhead Marinelife Center: probably Linny's favorite place in the world. This is a sea turtle rescue and rehabilitation facility. They do such good things!
Still not as tall as a leatherback...
Juno Beach is a must, obvi.
We went to Guanabanas by boat with Ben and Kristin, which my parents thought was super cool. They got to sit in their chairs :)
I have been dogsitting this cute old lady pug, Luna. She and Linny formed a bond. They were so sad to part </3
My family finally met Nym! "Mommom" and her "grandfurbaby" love each other.
Aunt Lin and Nymmybooboo.
My dad and the big baby.
We made a spontaneous decision to go to Food Shack on their last night here. We weren't going to go this visit, but we couldn't say no to Indomacculate... 
It was super awesome to hang out with my family on our patio every night. Cigars were smoked, alcohol was drank, fetch was played with dogs, and good conversations were had.
Whenever my family leaves, I have a really difficult week or two rebounding from the sadness. It feels like a piece of my heart is missing every single day. It's almost easier when it has been months since we've seen each other, because it hurts so badly every time I have to say goodbye to them. But Eric and I are really happy here, and we are proud of the life we have built. It has been almost two years since we moved with nothing but suitcases full of clothes, and now, we are married with a house, a dog, and jobs that make us happy. We have so many fun things and places to show our family and friends who visit.

I don't think I could ever leave behind what we have here in Florida. Good thing every single person reading this right now is moving here! All parental units: you have 3 years left in your 5 year plan. Everyone else: please message me for a detailed individualized timeline plan for how to make your move to Florida possible. ;)

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