Saturday, June 6, 2015

June 6th: Old and New

Okay, I skipped a day. Fail.

I had the day off yesterday, which ended up being kind of a wash since I felt like crap all day. I was not in a very good place mentally. This weekend is UD Alumni Weekend, and it's been FIVE WHOLE YEARS since I've graduated, so it's kind of a big deal for me to miss this. All but one of the old Mintie crew is there, living in the dorms for the weekend and having a grand old college flashback time. A bunch of Dees are there, too.

This is the kind of thing that makes me miss home a whole ton. I remember my first day of undergrad. I was sobbing as I waved goodbye to my family out the window of my box... er, I mean room. I debated dropping out so many times over that first semester. Then, I became close with these girls, and the MelUDees, and it literally (<--- basic) saved my life. No matter how much time goes by between chats and hangouts, it always feels like old times when we are together. They are some of the best people I know.

Eric worked from home, which I always love. Even if we aren't spending time together, I love that he is in the house with me to have a little chat or a lunch break. It helped me feel a lot better that he was here yesterday.

BUT THEN, it was time to suck it up and relish in the joy that is Florida life. One of our good friends here is unfortunately moving to Orlando. So sad. He is our board game buddy, and Nym baby loves him. You know you have good people around if your pets love them!

So we went to a Going Away Happy (aka Sad) Hour for him at Dirty Martini, during which Eric won tickets to see Third Eye Blind and Dashboard because of having a 3EB tattoo (see, tattoos are USEFUL). I had a strawberry basil cocktail, which was quite delish and refreshing. Then, we all headed to a newer brewery in the area, Twisted Trunk. This is the sister brewery of one of our favorites, Tequesta Brewing Company. I was definitely impressed with the place. It has a really fun atmosphere, friendly staff, and of COURSE amazing, adventurous craft beer. The watermelon saison is my favorite!

Afterwards, a few people wanted to hang out, so we had people over. I was EXTREMELY impressed with how well Nym, Mango, and Lex handled having visitors over. They got so much love, and Nym was a showoff.

It was a good night. We got to see old friends and made new friends :)

I skyped with the girls this morning, which was awesome! I love them. Apparently, they left the bar before close, which is only 1am in Delaware. Oldies. AND DP DOUGH NO LONGER EXISTS! We leave Newark for five years and it goes to shit! Still wish I was there, though.

Eric and I chilled today. We FINALLY got some plants for the patio, and we ate dinner out there with the dogs. Now, we are going to have a date night, eat ice cream, and watch a movie. We didn't feel up to going to Miami for the show, but it's been a good chill night so far. Five years ago at this time on a Saturday night, I would've be pregaming with tequila and dancing to Akon, probably half-dressed, with the girls. Hah.

It's funny how life can change so much in what seems like a short period of time.

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