Wednesday, June 3, 2015

June 3rd: Happy Day

Today was chill.

I am grateful I finally have a job where I look forward to going to work every day. It might not be a conventional career, but I am so tired of beating myself up for that. I use what I learned in school every second of every day, no matter what I am doing. I get to hang out with kids, do fun things, and have good conversations with a family who treats me like one of their own.

And THEN, I get to come home to my crazy house, where I am watching two dogs in addition to my own, and have a TON of shit to do. Only it doesn't feel so crazy, because I had a good day, so I'm in a good mood when I get bombarded by three dogs and chewed up stuffed animals. And I'm still in a good mood when Mango and Lex run out the door without permission, and when Nym pulls on her leash.

And I'm STILL in a good mood when I get terrorized by mosquitos as I help Eric put together our new patio furniture, while playing with the three crazy dogs and keeping them out of his way.

At the end of the day, when my vision of a patio oasis with bistro lights is finally coming together, and I am itchy and sweaty and tired, I am just HAPPY.

It's a good feeling.

Here is a poor-quality glimpse of the furniture!

There were AWESOME sales at JCPenney over Memorial Day Weekend. I normally try to get all my furniture from craigslist and other sale sites, but Eric and I didn't see any patio furniture that fit our vision over the past couple months. We were getting really tired of feeling blah on our huge patio, so we just took the plunge and ordered new stuff when there were good sales.

Definitely worth it!

Next up: PLANTS! So I can feel like I live in a tropical jungle! Complete with mosquitos, and probably malaria. At least I will die happy on my nice patio.

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