Monday, June 15, 2015

Daily Blogging Fail

Let's just call my daily blogging endeavor an epic fail.

BUT, in a way, it was actually a greater success.

I wanted to force myself to write, because I knew I had to in order to make time for myself and get back in to the groove. The issue is that, whenever anyone is forced to do anything, that thing becomes a chore. Like the reason I didn't major in music is because I never wanted playing the piano to be a chore. The reason I don't force myself to eat healthy is because then eating healthy is a chore (jk I just love pizza and chocolate and don't want to eat clean).

Anyway, writing every day started seeming like a chore after the first few days. But now, I know how to make time for myself amidst all the work/house/dog/relationship/friendship craziness.

And now I feel like writing.

Eric and I have been working really hard to get this place situated, so it was really frustrating when our washing machine decided to flood the powder room and half the kitchen last week. Eric was working late, and I had just started a load of laundry and sat down to eat when I heard a strange sound. I turned around and literally jumped out of my chair. We had just watched Titanic a few nights before this, and when I saw the water pouring in to the kitchen, I had a vision of me and Nym swimming out the front door in a gush of water, escaping a drowning death by mere seconds.

Luckily, I was able to compose myself enough to try to shut the washing machine off. Unluckily, it would not shut off. It just kept filling and filling and water was now up to my ankles. Nym was standing alert, ready to take orders, as she backed away from the pool of cold water steadily creeping toward her. I just told her to get on her bed, because what else could I tell her to do? Fetch towels? She's been really good lately, but not THAT good.

So she got on her bed, and I ran upstairs to fetch the towels instead. The whole time, I just kept saying Pleasegodletthemachineshutoff, out loud to no one, but I have to talk out loud or else I can't calm down. The water did shut off, and I spent almost an hour mopping the floor up with every towel we own.

It's still not fixed. Someone is coming on Wednesday to check it out. We washed our stuff at Ben and Kristin's. Once a hobo, always a hobo.

Besides that, we've just been having good times. We spent a lot of time with friends this weekend, which was much needed. We went to the food truck festival thing in Abacoa, played games, listened to throwback music, Eric went golfing, and I drank my weekly Starbucks treat at Kristin's while playing with Chloe and chatting. I had to pick up my 39487203 towels from her washing machine too, ugh.

Eric and I went to Ikea and got house things, too! We finally got a shelf for under the TV and it looks GREAT. It looks especially awesome with that unnecessary little lamp I bought to go on top of it ;) We got some floating shelves for the walls, but we haven't put them up yet. I found a good deal online for a kitchen table set, so we are picking that up this week. We are going to get some of Eric's photography printed for the walls. I can't wait to have HIS shots of the West Palm skyline and Jupiter lighthouse on display. It will really make it feel like Florida is our home.

Alright, time to get back to my giant Toblerone chocolate bar. Peace out.

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