Thursday, April 16, 2015

Life Update

Once again, I've gone nearly a month without writing. Usually, I write when I'm upset, sad, stressed, whatever. Writing has always been my outlet. You would think I'd be writing constantly, with everything that has happened this past month.

The truth is that I just haven't wanted to write. Writing means I need to think about what has been happening. My brain is so jumbled and overwhelmed that I would rather just not sort through it all. When I finally have the time to write, I instead choose to browse Facebook or catch up on Perez Hilton. Did you know that Kate Middleton is rumored to be going in to labor some time in the next 15 days?! I DIDN'T, BUT I SHOULD HAVE. Don't judge me. We all have our vices, and celebrity gossip is mine, along with any cheese-flavored snacks, cursing like a sailor, and tropical drinks...

Anyway, Eric and I ended up closing on a house, which is where all the overwhelmingness has come from. Our deal went very smoothly, and it was STILL incredibly stressful, so I can't imagine what most people go through when buying a house. Not to mention how sick you feel signing away your savings for a place you've spent maybe 30 minutes max in. It's not like you're allowed a trial week to make sure everything is as good as it seems. You make the biggest purchase of your life off a first impression, basically. How crazy is that?

So, we bought this townhome, and it is wonderful. It is perfect for us right now. Three bedrooms, 2.5 baths, a kitchen, a living room, and an enclosed patio. All we need! I was bummed about not having a yard at first, but then I realized I still have a huge patio, and I don't need to mow a lawn ;) We have had a few surprises appliance-wise, but nothing major so far (knock on wood).

What overwhelmed me is that we had planned to move over the course of the two months we had left in our lease. Instead, we had friends visiting the weekend after we closed on the house. We really wanted them to be able to stay in our new place, so we just up and moved like five days after we got the keys. Five days to thoroughly clean, pack, organize, recruit helpers, and move EVERYTHING. Then unpack everything that same day, so we could be ready for visitors. Then make a list of all the shit we didn't realize we needed, and go out and get it ASAP.

Good lord, it was stressful, but well worth it in the end to have a bunch of the guys here for a few days! What a weekend. My 27th birthday weekend! Filled with sun, sand, alcohol, and a couple paramedics, but overall a great time! Ugh, I wish everyone would just move here. It felt so nice to have the crew together again.

Over the past few weeks, I have become an obsessive list-maker, as we are still completely disorganized here and need a bunch of things. And then I lose the lists. Completely unhelpful, but it makes me feel productive when I make lists. If I could only find them to check off the things I accomplish...

And that, my friends, is basically what I have been up to. A lot of attempted organizing, cleaning, and tying up loose ends... when I am not changing diapers and running away from the Bear Forest with Rainbow Dash the pegasus to get to the Crystal Land on a raft (four-year-olds have such imagination!).

Soon, this will feel like home. Once we get decorating, I will probably be doing some home decor posts :)

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