Sunday, September 7, 2014

September 5th, 2014

HI I'M A MRS.!!!!

But Eric said we can't call each other husband and wife til we're 30, cause we're not grownups yet, obviously. So maybe we'll just keep calling each other beyoncé. We liked that.

I don't even know where to begin with this. I'll start with the planning process, since I haven't gone in to much detail about it over the past year. I had originally intended this blog to be for venting about the stress, but Eric and I wanted people to be surprised by the little details. 

It was going to be a big event by default, because we have a lot of family and friends, but a big, traditional wedding just did not feel like "us," so we decided to add some music-themed things to make it feel more personal. Each table was named after a band and had an album cover and section number on it, rather than having boring regular numbers. The place cards resembled tickets, giving the name of the band, section number, and special guests Mr. and Mrs. Blah Blah. We had people "autograph" a guitar instead of signing a guest book. That way, we can hang it on our wall with our other guitars and look at it every day! The guitar case served as our card holder. I brought an Angus Young figurine, a metal Beatles lunchbox, and some music note ornaments, which went around the cake stand. Speaking of the cake, our topper said "All you need is love" :) It was enough music stuff to make it feel special to us, but not too corny.

Eric designed pretty much everything for the wedding. The website, Save the Dates, album covers, place cards, and ceremony programs were all him. Eric actually had a lot of say in the details of the wedding. I am grateful that he didn't want to be completely uninvolved. Some brides might like that, but that is way too much pressure for me. He is so talented and worked so hard over the past couple weeks to get the last-minute stuff done.

Our parents also helped out a ton. From transportation to easels for the album covers to the all-important alcohol, our parents had shit covered. We literally would not have been able to have this kind of wedding without them.

I was feeling way too stressed the past few weeks, especially the week beforehand. After a certain point, you know things are out of your control, but I still couldn't help stressing over stupid things. And I was nervous as hell about the day. I barely ate the week of the wedding, honestly. I feel sad for girls who feel the need to do crazy cleanses or starve themselves the week before their wedding, and I had no intention of being like that, especially being back in the Jerz. Pizza? Cheesesteaks? Cannolis? Good Chinese? You couldn't pay me to stay away from that stuff, even during my wedding week. But I was so anxious I just couldn't eat :(

Let me tell you something about having anxiety issues and getting ready for a huge event where EVERYONE is looking at you and listening to you. Normal people get anxious about their wedding, so try to imagine how it feels for someone who is anxious all the time. It's like the worst possible situation for someone with social anxiety. I have trouble just answering the phone sometimes, so the thought of 200 people looking at me was not exactly appealing. Eric and I decided to do a First Look to take some of the pressure off. It made us feel like we were in it together, and there wasn't a huge buildup of anxiety before the ceremony.

Although I did have a minor freakout before they opened the doors. But it was fine! I took a deep breath and held on to my dad for dear life. :)

I can't begin to tell you how amazing the entire night was. The weather held up for the ceremony. My cousin Chris did the best job officiating. Our bridal party, parents, and grandparents looked like they belonged in bridal magazines. Eric's vows made me cry. My dad, Linny, and Alex all gave toasts that made me cry. Everything made me cry! Hahahaha I was kind of a happy wreck, but that's okay.

People aren't lying when they say you won't eat, you'll get pulled in a million different directions, and the night will fly by. I swore I would sit and eat my dinner, dessert, and then go talk to people. Yeah, that didn't happen. I got through half my DELICIOUS stuffed flounder and decided I wanted to hang out with people! I don't even think I got to talk to everyone, and I feel awful about that. We really tried, but everyone was on the dance floor and moving around, so that's okay! But Eric and I did take a minute before dinner started to stand up, look around the room, and take it all in. All those people were there for US. It was overwhelming. It made me cry (surprise!).

My favorite parts of the night, if I can even choose, were:
- Seeing my dad's face when he saw me in my dress for the first time
- Seeing Eric for the first time
- The whole ceremony (sorry if that's cheating)
- Entering the reception to Thunderstruck by AC/DC
- Photobooth!
- Bacon wrapped scallops
- Dancing with everyone, especially my first dance with Eric, my dad's dance, dancing to AC/DC and KISS, Good Charlotte, Soulja Boy, the Wobble, the Mummer's strut, and Love Your Friends Die Laughing as the last song :)
- JAGERBOMBS, because a Deeg party is not a party at all without them
- Wearing my Converse Chuck Taylors with my gown (of course)
- Seeing our friends and family having a blast

The entire night was better than we ever could have imagined. When family asked us the following day what little details went wrong that guests didn't notice, we could not think of a single thing. It was literally our dream wedding. We hope everyone who came had as much fun as we did!

Here are the vendors who made it possible:

Venue: Valenzano Winery
Photography: LuRey Photography
Dress: Maggie Sottero- Blakely, from Angel Bridal
Hair: Revelations Salon
Makeup: Mostly Sunny Bell, and some myself
Flowers: Anton's Florist

Food, Planning, Decorating: Summit Catering- Maitre d' Betty
Cake: DiBartolo Bakery
Music and Photobooth: Time Productions- DJ Tom, Super Shots Photobooth
Liquor and Beer: Murphey's Market

I highly, HIGHLY recommend every single one of them. Everyone was so on top of things, so helpful, and so kind to us and our guests. Summit Catering not only does food, but helps you plan the entire day. Our maitre d', Betty, is the best person ever. She made sure everything was set up perfectly. And she's hilarious. I kind of want to be her friend. We have received so many compliments on the food, the kindness of the staff, and the talent of our DJ and photographers. Speaking of photographers, Laura and Easton of LuRey Photography are awesome and gave us a sneak peek of our photos... AT OUR DINNER TABLE. Yeah, that's right. They put up a slideshow of some pictures they had already taken. We saw it first, then they displayed it on the bar for everyone to see. Here's one they posted on Facebook already!

So, there is a very scatterbrained post about our wedding. We just finished packing for the honeymoon, and we are still running on basically no sleep, so I'm a little out of it right now. After our trip, I'll be able to show you all the wedding photos, and I'll post about the honeymoon, too!

Until then, I will be in Jamaica drinking 2945347 pina coladas with mah HUSBAND.


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