Tuesday, August 5, 2014

EAT YOUR TACOS, TUNA: A Bachelorette Weekend Tale

Eric and I got to spend an extra week in the Jerz with our friends and family. It was for a sad reason, but we were happy to be able to be with family and friends at that time. So happy that we had a pretty hard time being okay with coming back to Florida. But, as everyone was telling me, I only had two days after I got back until I had visitors arriving for my Bachelorette Weekend in West Palm.

Eric and I got in Monday night. On Tuesday, we opened all of the packages that people had sent here for my bridal shower. Holy crap, there were a LOT of packages. We received so many amazing gifts, so thank you, everyone! Wednesday, Kristin and Chloe came over to help me clean up and organize my place for visitors. Kristin did a lot. Chloe just sat in her little rocker the whole time, pffft that lazy baby! :P

Lauren Ann got in on Wednesday night. We went to Ale House with Ben and Kristin and Chloe, had some food and drinks, talked like old times. Only now we all have decent significant others and a baby sitting there with us. Kristin, Lauren, and I hadn't all been together since high school. High school feels like a different life. I was a completely different person. But at the same time, it feels like no time has passed.

Thursday through Sunday was spent at a rental house, complete with a patio and pool in the back yard. Kristin, Katie, Lauren, Linny, Sunny, Katherine, Nicole, Helen, Erica, Erin, and Becca were ALL there. I'd go in to all the details, but I'm pretty sure you can just go to Facebook and Instagram #deegslasthurrah and see everything documented. The weekend generally consisted of lots of drinks, pool time, good food, dancing, bull riding, and karaoke.

The worst part of the weekend: I had to wear a pink tutu and a crown with Jordan almonds glued across the front.

The best part of the weekend: We all had matching black "Team Bride" shirts, complete with skulls on the front. MY friends wore SKULLS, in public, for ME. It was hilarious. I feel truly loved.

The real best part of the weekend: Friends from all different parts of my life were in the same place, at the same time, getting along with each other, talking like old friends, acting crazy together. People came to visit me from Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, DC, and Florida. That's pretty impressive. It was surreal to see Lauren and Kristin and Linny together again, the UD girls and Kristin finally meeting the people they've heard so much about from my college life and my Florida life, and Erin, my newest girl fam, being so loved that she was named an honorary Minty.

I stepped back a few times just to look around and take in the mental image of people from completely different parts of my life, all being friends together. Whoa. It was intense, guys. I can't wait until the wedding, when the other 200 friends and family are added in to the mix. I feel really, really loved and happy.

And NOW: IT'S CRUNCH TIIIIIIIME! Getting all the finishing touches put together, because in exactly one month, it's party time.

Life is crazy.

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