Sunday, May 11, 2014


Think about this for a sec:

Moms carry a developing human being in their body for 9 months. Isn't that crazy? And they deal with swollen feet and fingers, kicks to the ribs and back, a squished bladder, and shortness of breath while doing it.

THEN, they go through extreme pain, and sometimes traumatic experiences, to bring you in to the world.

THEN, they give up everything, including sleep, to make sure you are comfortable, clean, and fed.

THEN, they deal with your shit for 18 years. They drive you to millions of activities, help you with projects, watch performances and sports games, all while you are talking back to them, disobeying them, coloring your hair pink with a Sharpie when they take away your hair dye (or maybe that was just me...). They look out for you when you are starting to date and go to parties, they drop you off at the movies and mall and park to hang out with friends, they throw you graduation parties, even though you are an asshole teenager.

THEN, they help you buy a ton of stuff for college, help you pack, help you UNpack, and refuse to take you with them when they drive away as you're crying because you're already homesick.

And that's the point when you realize they care SO much about you that they are willing to let you go, let you learn to be on your own, let you learn to make decisions for yourself. You didn't realize until this moment that your mom was a fucking SUPERHERO, dealing with all your crap while still raising you right and preparing you for the real world.

And then your mom becomes the person you call every single day just to talk, and the best cook in the world, and the smartest person in the world, and the one you turn to when you don't have your shit together, because you know that moms ALWAYS know what to do. Because they have superpowers, obviously.

Moms, you are incredible people. I really have no clue how you do what you do. Thank you.

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