Saturday, April 26, 2014


I woke up early this morning (as usual) in a panic, then realized it's the weekend, and I need to chill. So I tried to look forward to going to the beach today, but I am just not feeling it. I mean, I want to go to the beach, and I love it, and I love that I live 5 seconds away from it... but I am just not looking forward to it like I usually am.

I have a strong urge to be back in the south Jerz today. Here are all the things I am missing at this exact moment:
- Waking up and seeing the tree in Mean Lady's back yard out my bedroom window, and looking to see if there are green buds on it, which means winter is OVER.
- My cats being assholes in the morning.
- Going for a run around my neighborhood when no one else is awake and the whole place is quiet. Seeing deer in the Spring Mill retention pond because it's THAT early.
- Going shopping with my mom. I need new bathing suits. I need to find a dress for Nicole's wedding. I need to go alone. I hate shopping alone.
- Going to Barnes & Noble with Linny, and her making me drink Starbucks while we make fun of books and people.
- Walking around Pitman.
- Running around Rowan.
- Driving the Black Horse Pike to Longport to chill for the day. The shore may have been further away, but jamming to Sublime alone in my car for an hour and then reading on the beach or the porch was the most relaxing thing ever.
- The OC boardwalk.
- Everything about the shore. Even guidos. I feel like the lone Italian representative down here.
- Seeing the whole fam at Eric's grandparents' house.
- Aunt Sean's chocolate chip cookies.
- Sitting on the deck and talking to my dad while he grills our dinner on a nice night.
- The smell of the air. Pine trees. Soft grass.
- Walking the trails at Washington Lake Park.
- Gearing up for a day of watching Philly sports games with my friends at Landmark, where I can get Old Bay fries and cheap jager shots if we do well.

I need to stop. I'm starting to cry. I hate being so emotional sometimes. It makes it impossible to enjoy where I'm at in the moment, because all I can do is think about what I'm missing. The grass is always greener on the other side, I know. 

I swear I am extremely happy with where I am right now. It's just one of those days. Maybe tomorrow I'll write a post about all the awesome things about living in Florida.

Edit: I just found out it's National Pretzel Day. Philly Pretzel Factory is giving out free pretzels. Now I'm REALLY fucking homesick. I'm not even sorry for using foul language in a public forum, because if you understand the magic of Philly pretzels straight out of the oven, and that magic got ripped away from you, you would be dropping the f-bomb, too.


  1. I know how you feel about the Pretzels. Can't get them in Colorado either.

    1. It's a sad, sad thing. They had one in Orlando, but it CLOSED because they didn't get good business. Why do these people not understand the magic of Philly pretzels? :(

    2. Are the ones we brought down stale ... lol