Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring (Not) Break

Spring break is almost over! And it didn't even feel like spring! Or a break!

Maybe because I went up in to a snow storm instead of staying in Florida, where the rest of the world comes for spring break. And maybe because I spent literally every day doing some type of wedding planning, from research to phone calls to meetings with vendors. There is only one word to describe a full week of non-stop wedding planning in the cold grayness with barely any time spent with friends and family:


I got to see some friends, but not nearly enough, and some family, but not all of them. I wish I had more free time to see everyone. I will probably be back for a week in July, so hopefully I will see everyone then. Or wait, I have a better idea: COME VISIT! Who doesn't like palm trees and beaches?

This is what I got accomplished instead of being able to spend time with all the people I love:

1. Salon appointment/wedding hair consult, where he persuaded me to put up with long hair for just a few more months until after the wedding. In the heat and humidity of a Florida summer. God help me.

2. Wedding cake tasting. I will tell you that we have some delicious flavors picked out, but I will not tell you which ones!

3. Entree taste-testing. Yes. Yes. Yes. I'm sure Eric is sad he missed out on this one.

4. Detail planning. Every.single.detail. From every single item of food at the wedding, to the timeline of the day, to the placement of tables, every detail is planned out. If you are having a wedding, go with Summit Catering. You are basically getting amazing food AND a wedding planner. Dory is the best.

5. Flowers. Did not expect that meeting to take over two hours. But I have ALL the flower arrangements picked out now, and it will be perfect.

6. Checked out the hotel. Called another hotel. Don't know what we are going to do, but it will be done within the next couple days, and then everyone can book rooms so everyone can drink and party and not worry about driving home.

7. Figured out marriage license stuff. It's a pain in the ass when you don't live in the state where you are getting married.

8. Tried on my wedding dress. It fits! It is just as amazing as I remember, and I want to show the world. I want to show Eric. I can't. Ughhhh.

So, I got a LOT done. A lot. And now I am back in Florida, and I am going to go to the beach, because I have faded from glowing tan to ghostly pale after a week of being inside. I need some Vitamin D.

I miss everyone. Wish you were here.

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