Sunday, March 2, 2014

Happy Six-Month Anniversary to Me

Today is my six-month anniversary of living in Florida! It seems like just yesterday I was getting off the plane and running to hug Eric and my friends. It had always been a running joke that I would move to Florida one day, and until very recently, that's all it was. Nobody thought it would actually happen.

When Eric accepted the internship opportunity here, and I started talking about quitting my job, I remember my dad saying, "Laur, if I had known you were serious about this, I would have told you to just stick your last job out. I didn't think you were serious." Well, neither did I. I didn't know I was serious until Eric set up an interview, and even then, my parents didn't think I was serious. Their cautious, careful, anxious daughter, who always has a plan, moving a thousand miles away with her new fiancé, no job prospects, and no place of her own to live?

No. That would never happen...

Mom and Dad, if you are reading this, thank you for supporting me in my decision to take the biggest risk I have ever taken in my entire life.

This is how I spent my anniversary weekend:

Went out on the boat with Kristin and Ben. Pulled up to Guanabanas for happy hour with Heather. Just a day in the life.

This is Ben driving the boat.

This is me driving the boat... God help us all...

My view before my morning run

Beach photoshoot

Pretending I can golf at our complex's putting green
I miss so many things about NJ... friends and family, the scenery, the smell of the trees, historic architecture, Philly, junk food... I took a lot for granted. That being said, I am determined not to take the beauty of my life here for granted. I think I have it pretty good right now :)

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