Monday, February 10, 2014

Work and Babies and Weddings, Oh My


2014 is basically the busiest year of my life so far.

Here is what I have done in the past few weeks:

1. Worked my ass off. Middle schoolers wear you out like no other age group. Even the toddlers at the day care didn't wear me out like this. It pays off though, because my supervisor has complimented me several times on my work. And now, I've officially been here longer than I was at my first Florida job. I've lived here for over 5 months. Crazy.

2. Baby shower planning. I know nothing about babies, or showers, so this has been interesting. I'm surprised at how excited I am for it though. I don't know if it's because I am starting to like babies, or just because it is Kristin's baby, or just because I'm excited to give any baby a pair of little black and pink Chuck Taylors... but whatever the reason, I am getting really excited.

3. Wedding planning. It is time to get shit done. I am going to NJ for my Spring Break in March, and I have about 2894393 wedding-related appointments. Florist, baker, caterer, AND my dress will be in! We finally got the bridesmaid dress situation figured out as well. I have been trying to get in touch with the hotel to book a block of rooms for guests.  Eric and I have also been coming up with ideas for the ceremony and reception to make it more "us." We were really dragging on the planning because the whole thing kind of got away from what we originally wanted it to be. We just weren't feeling it. We want all our friends and family there, obviously, but when it's such a huge event, it's hard to make it unique. Unless you're rich. But no one in this situation is, soooo yeah. We have some fun ideas now though to make it more unique, and we are getting super pumped. Get ready for a rockin' par-tay ;)

Besides all that craziness, I've been using every spare moment to get some sunshine. It's the only thing that helps me deal with winter. I've been to the beach as often as possible and started running or walking (... mostly walking, let's be honest) 3 miles about 4x/week again. I'm seeing some decrease in my anxiety level.

We've also been trying to spend time with people more often. We went to a craft beer festival, which was just what we needed. Who doesn't have a good time day-drinking? Eric's coworker was nice enough to get us a free pass and suggestions for some awesome beer. We met up with Johnnie finally and hit up Tequesta Brewing Company for Heather's birthday a couple weeks ago, and this past weekend, we met up with Johnnie again, and some Jersey visitors :) It was so good to see friends from home again. It makes Florida feel more like home.

Now, Eric and I are listening to some Coheed, and I just painted my nails pink and black for Valentine's Day... wait, did I just time-travel back to 9th grade? Someone buy me a black rose, please.

Life is good.

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