Friday, January 24, 2014


My first post of 2014 is on January 24th... oops. Guess I let my blog fall by the wayside.

I guess I just haven't felt like writing. That's kind of a good thing. I write when there is a lot going on, or when I need to vent. So far, 2014 has consisted of a fun New Year's Eve celebration with friends, work, and the first visit from my family. In my free time, I was either getting ready for their visit, doing wedding-related things, or sleeping. LOTS of sleeping.

Everything has been going well, but I am exhausted. We're having a cold front at the moment (not saying it's as bad as a polar vortex, but still), and I think it is having an effect on my mood. If you know me or have been reading this blog since the beginning, you know that one of the main reasons I was looking forward to living in Florida was the weather. The weather has a strong pull on my mood and energy, and every winter up north was getting worse and worse for me. Last winter, I had a very difficult time getting out of bed every day. I probably wouldn't have left my room at all if it wasn't for my part-time job and training for a half marathon. Not only do I get depressed, but my anxiety increases dramatically in the winter.

January and February are really the true tests to see if the Sunshine State is all I had hoped it would be in terms of improving this aspect of my life. Especially January, when the holidays end and all the Christmas joyfulness gets packed away. That's depressing for everyone anyway. Right now, I can say that I feel a million times better than I have felt in the past, but I am definitely still feeling the affects of winter. I don't really want to do anything besides sleep, but I wake up a million times in the middle of the night with racing thoughts about work. I am good at my job, and things are going well, but my mind and body don't like to be rational in the winter. Or ever, really.

My family's visit was just what I needed to perk up a little bit. I spent a lot of my time looking for furniture and fixing up the apartment. I really wanted my parents to get here and be proud of the life Eric and I have made for ourselves. I think we did a good job showing them how amazing Florida has been for us :) They couldn't stop talking about the palm trees and sunshine, even though it was colder than usual (50s-60s, womp womp). They also commented how West Palm is like being in Aruba.

The seed has been planted. Kristin and I have decided they are on the five-year plan to move here.

So, that is all that has been going on lately. I'm feeling sluggish, I miss my family, but I'm doing lots of good things with my life.

Now, I am going to go make turkey tacos and drink some wine with Eric. Here's to a relaxing weekend!

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