Saturday, December 14, 2013

Disney and Christmas Magicalness

Good morning. My throat feels like a million bees flew into it and stung it. It's that time of year again: my semi-annual sickness has arrived! This happens to me about twice a year. Once in December and once in May. I just thought it might stop, living in Florida. Because Florida is magical and warm and nothing bad could possibly happen to me in Florida.

Anyway, so much has been going on. Last weekend was pretty much the best. We went to Eric's company holiday party on Friday night. It was on a yacht, which was pretty surreal for us seeing as it's December and all... So we had fun talking to people and envying all the giant mansions along the water that were decorated for Christmas, palm trees and all.

On Sunday, we woke up super early and trekked up to MAGIC KINGDOM! Our first trip to Disney since high school senior trip, and our first time there together. We met up with Aunt Jen and Uncle Adam and the kids. We rode pretty much every ride. The new Little Mermaid ride? Awesome. Go on it. I decided I'm going to live in Ariel's castle.

Disney is seriously a magical place. It's just a bunch of theme parks, but it manages to feel like you are in a completely different world. This was my first time there as an adult (not a grown up), and it still felt as exciting as it did when I was younger. The only difference was that part of the excitement came from seeing the kids get excited about it. It's like Christmas magic. Like how it feels magical when you are young, because you believe in Santa. Then, you find out Santa "isn't real", but you still think Christmas is fun because you get to keep the magic going for the younger kids who do believe in Santa (plus you still get presents). And THEN, YOU get to BE Santa, or help other people start that magic for their kids. And it still feels magical on Christmas morning, because everyone is all excited and happy and a;slkdjgas; yeah. Basically, Disney is like Christmas, and going there with family and little kids makes it feel even more special. That's what I'm trying to say.

Here are some random pictures!
Cinderella's Castle
Merry Christmas!
On Dumbo
Ariel's Castle a.k.a. My House
Christmas Castle
Happy at the Castle Lighting :)
Unfortunately, going to work the day after going to Disney sucks 13908539457 times more than a regular Monday sucks. This was a very anxiety-provoking week for me, because it was my first week in the school. It has been extremely overwhelming, but all of the administration has been very kind, supportive, and helpful. The kids are a handful, but most of them seem to be warming up to me. It helps that I'm young, so I don't seem like a threatening authority figure. They tell me I look nice and pretty :) Haha. I just hope that I can figure out how to work out the timing of finding classes to teach and putting groups together during only electives, no core classes. It is a very strict school, because they need to keep the kids out of trouble and get their grades up.

Overall, the week went well. And now I have one week left before winter break, which consists of school, a staff meeting, and three holiday luncheons. Next Friday will be here before I know it, and then I will be on a plane to NJ for the holidays! Hopefully, I'll be feeling better by then. If not, you'll all get to hear me in my usual state of December voicelessness :)

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