Thursday, October 24, 2013

Long Time No Talk and My Mom is the Best

Aloha from the South. It's been awhile. I swear I'm not terrible at blogging. I've wanted to write so many times, but I just felt like I shouldn't. Pardon my French, but there is a lot of shit going down. I'm the kind of person that NEEDS to write when shit is going down. Unfortunately, whatever you put on the interwebz stays on the interwebz, and therefore I have once again isolated myself into oblivion like I always do when shit is going down.

One day I shall spill the beans. But for now, here is the best surprise package ever. Here is what was inside...
"Dear Lauren, Here is your very own Haunted House for you to start your own Witchey Town!"

My mom sent me autumn dishtowels, my own Haunted House with flickering tea lights to make my own Halloween village like she makes at home, a black cat, a bobble turkey, and CANDY! Salt water taffy, chocolate covered pretzels from Jagielky's!, cream mints, Twizzlers, candy corn m&ms, and KitKats.

It was like Christmas opening that box. You don't understand. Halloween is the best holiday. IT'S MAGIC.

I hope one day my mom will come down here to spend Halloween with me again and make me chili and see my Halloween village.

That is all for now. I am happy and loving it here despite the current stress, which says a lot. Eric is happy, I'm happy. The only thing that would make it better is if I could teleport everyone from up north to Florida :)

We move in to our new place next weekend, so there will be a BIG update shortly following!

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