Monday, September 2, 2013



The past few weeks have been crazy. I worked almost every day/night, including overnights, up until a couple days ago. It was so difficult to leave there. As hectic as that job is, I really loved the people I worked with and the girls. I baked them Nutella cupcakes as a special treat on my last day :) When I walked in, there were balloons all over the entry way that said things like "Lauren Rocks!" and there were cupcakes that they had baked for ME waiting in the kitchen! So awesome. I cried when I left because I'm an emotional wreck :)

When I wasn't working, I was either sleeping, job searching, saying goodbyes, or getting my life together so I could pack it all away into 3 suitcases... which I just finished doing, by the way. Less than 10 hours before my flight leaves. Procrastination at its finest ;) My cats definitely know something is up. They've been extra cuddly and are following me EVERYWHERE. I'm going to miss my buddies.

I've tried to say goodbye to as many people as possible. It's been way too difficult to see everyone with my crazy work schedule. Dave and Sunny trekked up to the Jerz for dinner one night, I had a few family get togethers, and I got to see most of the Delaware girls yesterday. I've cried every single time I had to say bye to someone, so it's probably better that I didn't get to see every single person, hah. EMOTIONAL WRECK. But I've had a good time with everyone. And I got to eat tons of delicious food ;) I've been stuffing my face for the past 3 weeks. Probably not the best thing to do before you move somewhere that requires you to wear a bathing suit all the time... TOO BAD. I've loved every second of it. I'll be forced into being healthy again starting tomorrow when I land in Florida, the land of no good Italian food/bakeries/cheesesteaks/pretzels!

Going Away cake made by the bakery Linny works at. DELISH.
PIZZAAAA, hoagies, and every flavor stromboli that exists in the world
The girls and I went to the shore for one last Jersey shore hurrah. I got to go to the beach in Longport one last time, eat at Junior's and Lamberti's, and party at Maynard's. Best send-off ever. I was REALLY an emotional wreck when I said bye to them and to the Longport house. No Florida beach can replace the Jersey shore. My second home. Most of my best memories were in that house, from spending time with Aunt Joyce and the fam as a kid to Eric proposing in June. My fam is selling the house soon, and I'm having a lot of trouble knowing that I may not see it ever again, so I enjoyed it one last time with my friends.

My mom saved part of the cake from the Mint grad party!
Minties posing with the cake
Minties about to eat the cake. Just so you know, eating a defrosted cake after 3 years doesn't taste very good.
I am going to miss it here. I am freaking out about leaving. But I know I'll be the happiest I've ever been when I get there. I can't wait to see Eric again, especially since he's been a jerk doing stuff like this while I'm sad about to leave for a night of work:
Left: Eric being a northern tourist loser. Right: Me being miserable before work because I know Eric is floating in the Florida water without me.
Hah! What a jerk! But for real, I'm glad he's been having a good time and loving his new job. And I'm super pumped to live with him, AND one of my best friends. I've lived with the Minties and crew, Lauren Ann, and now Kristin and Eric... not many people are lucky enough to say that they have lived with all of their best friends at some point in their life. So yeah, I really have no reason to complain or be sad. This is going to be the start of a crazy adventure :) And now I will go to bed, because it's 1:40AM and I leave in a few hours. PEACE, JERZ. RAMBLE ON

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  1. You may want to look for a job as a journalist as well as a therapist. Your bogging skills are like 167x better than mine. Also, I'm excited for you to get here! :)